AAP MLA Amanatullah’s statement regarding treatment of Covid patients in mosques triggers controversy

New Delhi, 23 April: The statement of Amanatullah Khan, chairman of the Delhi Waqf Board, regarding of making arrangements for the treatment of patients of coronavirus infections in mosque has been mired in controversies.

Muslim organizations, intellectuals and common Muslims say that opening the doors of mosques for the treatment of Covid-19 infected persons will have a bad effect on the prayer and will also increase the chances of the infection in Namazis coming in Masjid for prayers. This statement of Amanatullah Khan is being strongly condemned on various social media platforms. However, some people are also appreciating it.

Amanatullah Khan while addressing the Imams of Delhi Waqf Board and the Imams of Mosques of the mohalla etc. said that medical facilities have completely collapsed in view of the rising of coronavirus cases in Delhi. Beds are not available in hospitals. There is a shortage of oxygen. There is a shortage of medicines, in such a situation; it becomes our responsibility to the society to help the people suffering from Covid-19. We should consider opening the doors of our mosques to the coronavirus patients.

Meanwhile, opposition has kicked off since Amanatullah Khan’s statement. People on social media say that the mosques of the neighborhood etc. are very small and there are still five times of Namaz being offered there. People say that it is not appropriate to treat the virus infected in mosques. However, if the mosques were kept closed to prevent the spread of the virus, then it could be thought of once there, but it is not so. If the mosques were opened to treat the corona virus infectants, it would be a very wrong decision. By doing this, we will put the lives of Namazis at risk.

People say that government and non-government schools are completely closed in Delhi at this time. Schools can be used to treat individuals infected with the corona virus. All types of facilities, toilets etc. are already in place in schools. Therefore, there will be no objection to setting up a centre for the treatment of corona virus patients there.

“This kind of arrangement in mosques of mohalla etc. would be objected to because most of the mosques are very small and there is lack of space. The most important thing is that prayers are being performed in mosques. In such a situation, if the patients are put there for treatment, then the chances of getting Namazis coming to offer Namaz will also be infected,” added locals.

Some people on social media say that the suggestion made by Amanatullah Khan is justified. Muslims should not object to this. They say that it can be arranged in some large mosques. Coronavirus infected patients can be treated by providing all facilities there.

Such people say that by following what Amanatullah Khan has suggested, Muslims can also give a good message to their compatriots. Some people say that mosques will not be properly respected. The issue of holy and unholy will also arise here. Therefore the decision of Amanatullah Khan cannot be accepted

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