Prime Minister Modi gives the ‘mantras’ for prosperity to the farmers of Bundelkhand

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Modi remembered Gandhi’s ‘Gram Swaraj’ and Nanji Deshmukh’s self-Reliance’ in Chitrkoot

Foundation stone laid for expressway, ten thousand FPO launched

Chitrakoot, February 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday gave the mantras for prosperity to the farmers with the foundation of economic development of Bundelkhand in Chitrakoot of Uttar Pradesh.

He spoke of the change in his life and the economic progress of the country, using the collective strength of the farmers.

The Prime Minister said that power comes from the group and with this collective power, the farmers will also move towards prosperity. To provide reasonable prices to farmers

The collective strength of the farmers will now be harnessed. The new Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) started in Chitrakoot today has the same sentiment behind it.

FPO will be encouraged in more than hundred ‘aspirational districts’

In a program organized in Gonda village on the occasion of launching the foundation stone of Bundelkhand Expressway, program of farmer producing organizations and Kisan Credit Card campaign, the government has decided that the tribal areas and more than 100 of the country like Chitrakoot FPOs should be encouraged more in ‘aspirational districts’, at least one FPO must be formed in every block.

This is self-reliance, this is the spirit of empowerment of the village, this is the vision of Gandhiji’s ‘Gram Swaraj’ and for this purpose Nana ji dedicated his life.

Expressways will be helpful in increasing connectivity in UP

He said that with increasing connectivity in UP with Bundelkhand Expressway, Purvanchal Expressway or proposed Ganga Expressway, many employment opportunities will also be ready. A provision of Rs 3700 crore has been made for the UP Defense Corridor in this year’s budget. These two schemes are closely related. UP Defense Corridor is also going to gain momentum from the Bundelkhand Expressway.

PM greeted everyone in Bundelkhandi language

On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi started his speech with Bundelkhandi language and said that चित्रकूट में राम जी अपने भाई लखन और सिया जी के साथ इतई निवास करत हैं। जासै हम मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम राम की तपोस्थली में आप सभई को अभिनंदन करत हौं।

He said that about 12 thousand crore rupees have been deposited in the accounts of more than two crore farmer families of entire UP including Chitrakoot. You can imagine, 12 thousand crore rupees in just one year and that too directly in the bank account, without middlemen, without any discrimination.

“You have also seen the days in decades when packages worth thousands of crores were announced in the name of farmers, in the name of Bundelkhand, but nothing reached the pocket of the farmer. Now we have left those days behind. Now every single penny emanating from Delhi is reaching to its entitlement,” PM added.

Rural Haats will become new centers of agricultural economy

He said that the farmers who are the beneficiaries of PM-KISAN Yojana are also being linked to PM Jeevan Jyoti Insurance and PM Jeevan Suraksha Insurance Scheme. This will ensure insurance amount of up to two lakh rupees to the peasants in difficult times.

Speaking about the budget, Modi explained, “Many important decisions have also been made in this year’s budget, which will benefit the farmers. A 16-point program has been prepared to increase farmer’s income. It is the effort of the government that the farmer should get such a system within a few kilometers of his field, which will connect him to any market in the country. In the coming times, these rural haats will become new centers of agricultural economy.”

The land of Chitrakoot created new values ​​of dignity among Indians

He said that Chitrakoot is not just a place, but the determination and tenacity of life of the ancient society of India. This earth has created new values ​​of dignity among Indians. The society of India has got new ideals from here. Bharat Ratna Rashtriya Rishi Nana Ji Deshmukh started a massive effort to take India on the path of independence. Two days ago, the nation has remembered Nana ji on his death anniversary.

Farmers will now do business through FPO

He said that this Bundelkhand Expressway, to be built at a cost of about 15 thousand crore rupees, will create thousands of employment opportunities here and will connect the common people with facilities like big cities. To increase the income of the farmers of the country, a scheme has been launched to create 10 thousand FPOs or Farmers Producer Organization to empower the farmers. That is, the farmer was till now productive, now he will also do business through FPO.

We worked to complete the incomplete projects

The Prime Minister said that be it the decision of MSP, soil health card, 100% neem coating of urea, completion of incomplete irrigation projects for decades, the government has worked at all levels. The important journey of increasing the income of farmers is an important step even today.

PM visited at various stalls and sought information about products

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Gonda village in Chitrakoot after attending a function organized under the social empowerment camp at Prayagraj. During this, he visited the stalls of UPEIDA along with agriculture, drinking water schemes of Bundelkhand near the stage.

The Prime Minister went around various stalls and saw the products there. During this time a person also wore him Gandhi cap, which the Prime Minister accepted with pleasure. He also asked the women at the stall about their products.