Police raid on illegal hookah bar, 13 arrested

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Lucknow, 18 February: The Thakurganj Police conducted a raid at the Hyphen restaurant running an illegal hookah bar on Thrusday in Lucknow. ย 

However, Police have seized about a dozen hookahs and arrested 13 people from a restaurant and sent them to jail.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Chowk IP Singh said that Inspector Thakurganj Sunil Kumar Dubey, along with the police team raided the hyphen restaurant located at Thakurganj area. Hookah bar was running illegally here.

โ€œPolice arrested 13 people from the spot. More than 12 hookahs including other things have been recovered from the spot. Taking strict action against these people, they have been sent to jail,โ€ ACP Chowk told.