PM Modi denies Nationwide lockdown, advises on micro containment zones, night curfew

New Delhi, 08 April: In view of the rising of cases of Corona pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised the states to create micro containment zones. Also work on the mantra of three ‘T’ that is testing, tracking and treatment.

The Prime Minister also raised the issue of politics related to the Corona epidemic and said that he does not want to comment on it. He believes that he considers it his duty to work with service in the hour of crisis.

During this, the Prime Minister on Thursday advised the states to hold an all-party meeting at their level. Also, on April 14, he advised to celebrate ‘Teeka Utsav’ on the birth anniversaries of Dr Ambedkar and Jyotibha Phule.

He also advised the youth to come forward and get vaccines for people above 45 years of age in their neighborhood.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states in view of the increasing cases of corona across the country. During this time he shared his thoughts on the causes of the growing cases of corona and the remedies to deal with it.

In his address, the Prime Minister supported the decision to impose a lockdown at the beginning of the epidemic last year and said that today we have better resources to deal with the epidemic.

He said that the only way to isolate the ‘host’ (infected person) is to control the spread of the corona epidemic. For this it is necessary that the people who come in contact with the corona infected should be examined and separated at the earliest. Also, make the people aware so that the habit of taking care about the disease can be instilled in the families.

During this period, the Prime Minister also gave his views on subjects like lockdown and night curfew. He said that lockdown should be avoided at the present time. At the same time, night curfew can be used as a remedy provided that other activities are not affected by it.

Modi said that some people may have objected to the night curfew but it gives people a sense of living amidst the corona and gives them vigilance in this context.

Prime Minister Modi said that once again there is a need to work on a war footing to bring the corona under control. It is due to our efforts that active cases of corona have come from 10 lakh to 1.25 million, these efforts need to be repeated once more.

The Prime Minister advised to work properly on how to collect samples of RT-PCR test. Corona results are not getting right by not taking the sample properly.

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