PM in Varanasi today: slams caste, dynastic and vote bank politics, says, “I am a Sevak”

Varanasi,May 27 Making an unsparing attack on those who have  selectively backed political parties and created a wrong perception about the BJP and its leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here on Monday that ” it is they who have caused maximum damage to the country”.

In his thanks-giving address, Modi also slammed caste, dynastic and vote-bank politics.”It is this kind of politics which has divided the society and  had prevented previous governments from taking  bold decisions,”Modi said.

Taking exception to some political pundits who based their assessments on caste maths, he said that three recent elections in Uttar Pradesh had established that caste arithmetic was different from caste chemistry but they did not  change.

The Prime Minister who came this morning, three days before the swearing-in and after a landslide victory, in his long and explosive speech asked those who have allegedly created wrong perceptions about him and the party to rise above politics.”They have been defeated time and again but they are not yet ready to change.They should for the sake of the nation and its general masses”,he advised.

“India has scaled new heights globally.It can rise further and become the  third top economy if all of us work together  with a new zeal and spirit”, he said and gave credit to transparency and hard labour for success.

Thanking the workers of the party, Modi said that for the success of a party and a government it is essential that  there is synergy between the work and workers.”Work and workers do wonders.A government works out a strategy.It is the workers who talk  about it among people and make it popular”, he added.

Denouncing violence in Kerala and West Bengal against rivals, Modi said a wrong narrative was being given to justify it.”We have not tried to suppress opposition’s voice anywhere.We want  a strong opposition.I have thanked even those who were my rivals in Varanasi.But the government in these states are encouraging violence against a particular group which deserves condemnation”, Modi justified.

Modi began his speech with Har Har Mahadev chant told the gathering that he was a “worker first and then a Prime Minister”.The massive victory has given him more strength and he will work harder for Sab Kaa Saath Sab Kaa Vikas.”Though some groups have treated the BJP as an untouchable but for me there is no untouchable.All the countrymen are dear to me”, PM added.

Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Yogi Adtiyanath and BJP president Amit Shah also addressed the workers of the party by saying that this year elections have proved that people of the country are fed up with caste and dynastic politics which augurs well for nation.

Before addressing the workers,Modi had gone to Kashi Vishwanath temple to perform puja and offer prayers.He was greeted enthusiastically by people who had turned up in large numbers along  the route.

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