PF scam: Employees union demands immediate removal of Chairman and MD

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Lucknow, Nov 03: The UP Vidyut Karamchari Sayunkt Sangharsh Samiti has demanded the immediate removal of Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited(UPPCL) for a fair probe into the department’s employees’ provident fund (PF) scam. The committee has also demanded from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the government should take responsibility for the payment of dues of the employees.

Shailendra Dubey, convener of the UP Vidyut Karamchari Sayunkt Sangharsh Samiti, has praised the Chief Minister for the decision of the CBI to investigate the PF scam. He has demanded from the Chief Minister that for the unbiased investigation of the entire case, the Chairman and MD of Power Corporation Management, who was first convicted in the scam, should be removed immediately and harsh action should be taken against them.

The Sangharsh Samiti has also demanded that the Power Sector Employees Trust be restructured and the employees’ representative should be included in it as before. The office bearers of the committee have questioned the government that when the Power Corporation management sat an inquiry on an anonymous complaint received on July 10 and the inquiry report was received on August 29, the power corporation management was sitting in silence for a while.

The committee has also asked the government that the first investment was made in Diwan Housing Finance Company Limited (DHFCL) on 17 March 2017, which was not allowed from the chairman and MD, according to the government spokesperson, but the investment in DHFCL even after March 2017 How and with what permission? If these investments were done with the permission of the chairman, then why were they not acted upon and even if these investments were made without their cognizance, action should be taken against them due to total negligence of duty. The third question of the committee is why no trust meeting was held for three years and how did the investment continue without meeting?

According to Mr. Dubey, the chairman of the power corporation is the chairman of the trust and MD is the trustee, so who is responsible for this matter? He has also asked that according to the agreement reached with the Chief Minister on January 25 2000, the trust should have a representative of the employees, but why no representative has been appointed so far?

Other officials of the Sangharsh Samiti, including Rajiv Singh, Girish Pandey, Sadruddin Rana, Vipin Verma, Suhail Abid, Rajendra Ghildiyal, DK Mishra and PN Rai, in a joint statement have also demanded from the government that the funds deposited in the Power Corporation Trust and Immediately issue a white paper on his investment so that it can be known that where the employees’ hard-earned money has been invested.