People encouraged Corona Warriors through beating thalis, clapping and lighting lamps during Janta Curfew last year, PM Modi in 75th edition of Mann Ki Baat

New Delhi, 28 March: It is not easy to express how much respect and reverence countrymen showed to the Corona Warrior by beating ‘thalis’, clapping and lighting a lamp. That is the reason why they stayed tireless, non-stop, throughout the year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday gave a direct reply to his critics by saying in ‘Mann ki Baat’ program.

In the 75th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, Prime Minister Modi reminded that last year in month of March, the country had first heard the term ‘Janata curfew’, but see the experience of the great power of the great subjects of this great country! The Janata curfew had become an inspiration to the entire world. This was an unprecedented example of discipline. The generations to come will definitely take pride in this one thing.

In that difficult situation, the Prime Minister had appealed to the people of the country to show respect and love to the Corona Warrior by playing a ‘thali’, clapping and lighting a lamp, which was criticized by many people. Today, the Prime Minister responded to those criticisms in a polite manner, without naming anyone.

He said that the question was in front of everyone at this time last year, when will the corona vaccine come? Friends, it is a matter of pride for all of us that today India is running the world’s largest immunization program.

Taking the name of Pushpa Shukla of Bhubaneswar, he said that Pushpa Shukla Ji of Bhubaneswar has written to me about the photographs of the vaccination program. She says that I should discuss the excitement about the vaccine among the elders of the house in ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

In this regard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that from every corner of the country we are listening to such news and seeing pictures that touch our heart. A 109-year-old mother (Ram Dulaiya ji) has got vaccinated in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Even in Delhi, only 107-year-old Krishna ji got the corona vaccine vaccinated. 100-year-old Jai Choudhary got vaccinated in Hyderabad.

He appealed and said that eligible beneficiaries should get the vaccine done. I see on Twitter-Facebook how people are sharing photos after getting vaccinated to the elders of their household. A young Anandan Nair from Kerala has given it a new term – ‘Vaccine Service’.

The Prime Minister said that I appreciate the views of all you listeners. In the midst of all this, remember the mantra of fighting with Corona, ‘Dawaee Bhi – Kadai Bhi’.

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