Pawan Jallad, who will hang Nirbhaya convicts, is facing financial crunch

Ambuj tripathi

Meerut, 10 January : Pawan ‘Jallad’, who will execute the death sentence of all four convicts of Nirbhaya rape and murder case, gets a monthly salary of five thousand rupees only from the Uttar Pradesh government, which is, however, very low according to his family.

However, to feed his family of seven members, Pawan sells ready-made clothes by putting on a wind ferry so that he could earn extra income for the survival. He has a family of seven children. Though, he has already married his four daughters and is now preparing for the marriage of a fifth one. Pawan told that he would marry his fifth daughter with whatever remuneration he gets by hanging Nirbhaya’s culprits on January 22.

Pawan has demanded the UP government to increase his salary to 20 thousand rupees per month. Sources say that the executioner gets 25 thousand rupees in exchange for hanging one. Pawan Jallad can get around one lakh rupees by hanging the all four culprits.

Preparations have also been intensified as the clock for hanging the culprits of the Nirbhaya incident approaches near. Pawan Jallad of Meerut is being summoned daily to Meerut Jail for attendance and the specifics of hanging are explained to him as well as to examine his mental strength.

Preparations are underway to hang the four convicts of the Nirbhaya incident on January 22. The Tihar Jail Administration had recommended the UP government to send the hangman day before the hanging of four convicts.  However, the UP government accepted that recommendation and approved the sending of Pawan Jallad from Meerut.

Ever since, Pawan Jallad alias Sindhiram, who lives in Kanshiram Colony in Meerut, has been asked to hang the four victims in Nirbhaya rape and murder case, later is being summoned to Meerut jail every day and he has been ordered not go out from the district. Senior Jail Superintendent of Meerut BD Pandey apprised that the details of hanging are being explained to Pawan. Along with this, he is being mentally strengthened so that he can hang them. He will be sent there as soon as we get a call from the Delhi Government

Pawan Jallad will go to Delhi a few days before hanging

The culprits of Nirbhaya are to be hanged in Tihar Jail of Delhi on January 22. Therefore Pawan ‘Jallad’ will be sent there few days before the scheduled date. Pawan will go to Delhi and will check the preparations for hanging there. However, the Tihar jail administration has already got hangings etc.

Senior Jail Superintendent says that Pawan Jallad will be sent to Delhi as per Delhi Government’s demand. Currently, he is being summoned daily to Meerut Jail till January 15. Before this, Pawan’s health will also be examined.

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