Passing of Citizenship Bill is a ‘Dark Day’ in the history of the country: Sonia Gandhi

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New Delhi, December 11: Congress party interim President Sonia Gandhi has called the passage of the Citizen Amendment bill-2019 to give citizenship of India to refugees from neighboring countries a “Dark Day” in the country’s parliamentary history. She said that this is a victory of the fanatic forces over the narrow mindset and multicultural nature of the country.

On the passing of this bill in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the Congress President issued a statement.

In her statement, she said that this bill completely challenges the basic ideas of India and denies the struggle of our ancestors. Through this, religion has been made the deciding element of nationalism and an attempt has been made to establish a turbulent, perverted and divided India. She said that this bill is an attack on the eternal principles of equality and not being discriminated on the basis of religion. She warned that this bill would have serious consequences and hurt the soul of the country.

Sonia Gandhi said that it is very unfortunate that when the whole world is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) introduced this bill.

Sonia said that in these moments of anger, the Congress party wants to clarify that it will continue to fight against the BJP’s agenda of dangerous and polarizing the country.