Light rain in Uttar Pradesh brings winter ‘Chill’

Women were seen protecting themselves from winter rain through umbrella, on the other hand, people were seen sitting in front of bonfire to avoid cold at tea-shops in various districts of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, 13 December :  The mountainous regions are experiencing heavy snowfall resulting in its effect is now beginning to happen in the plains as well. Light rain and winds in Uttar Pradesh late on Thursday have brought the cold. This rain is beneficial for wheat crop but harmful for other crops.

According to the Meteorological Department, the light rain that started in many districts including Lucknow, Kanpur, Unnao, Gonda, Balrampur, Faizabad, late on Friday. The cold has started spreading its feet due to the winds with rain. Due to the cold, people are resorting to bonfire in the houses.

The Meteorological Department says that there is a possibility of light rain by Saturday, which will further increase the cold. The government has asked all the officials of the district to arrange for bonfire to prevent cold. District collectors of the districts have also directed the Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats to burn the bonfire at crossroads and in the streets of the mohallas.

Rainfall beneficial for wheat crop, harmful for others

Principal scientist of CIMAP, Dr. Rajesh Verma says that this rain will prove to be a drop of nectar for all the crops in this uneven region. However, there will be little damage to crops that are having flowers, such as peppers, tomatoes, etc. This rain is also beneficial for wheat. If there is hailstorm then it is possible that the crops of wheat, mustard and other vegetables will be damaged.

The weather patterns have changed in western Uttar Pradesh due to rain. The increased cold due to rain has left people to shiver. The Meteorological Department has just said that it will rain in the days to come. In such a situation, cold is set to increase further.

From Thursday night, rain started in Meerut, Baghpat, Muzaffarnagar, Hapur, Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar, Bijnor, Shamli, Saharanpur, Bulandshahr etc. districts of West UP. This has changed the mood of the season completely. Due to rain in the morning on Friday, the cold suddenly increased and people shivered. Due to intermittent rains in the night, people confined to home, on the other hand, children have faced difficulties in getting ready for the school. The rain in the markets led to waterlogging resulting in the people passing through the markets faced so much troubles.

Sowing of wheat affected by rain

Sowing of wheat is also delayed due to late cut of sugarcane crop in West UP. Now due to rain, farmers had to stop sowing wheat. A farmer of Baghpat, Narottam said that his fields were ready for sowing wheat, but he could not sow wheat due to rain. Another farmer Munesh of Kaili village of Meerut told that along with sowing of wheat, the work of harvesting sugarcane has also stopped. Now wheat sowing will be delayed.

Equipment burnt due to lightning fall

In Meerut Dehat area, the lightning fell on Sompal and Pawan Kumar’s house in Kakkepur village of Sarurpur police station area late Thursday  this caused the electrical appliances installed in their house have burnt  due to this they lost thousands of rupees. In charge of the Meteorological Department of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Agriculture University, Dr. UP Shahi informed that the sky will be cloudy and the rainy season will continue which will cause the cold will also increase.

Due to the Western Disturbance, after the drizzle, which started from late Thursday evening, the rain with thundertorm continued throughout the night till the afternoon has brought chill in the air, due to this, there was  pindrop silence in the markets of temple town. The school going children had to face a lot of trouble in the morning due to bad weather. The Ganga Ghats were also relatively less crowded but  crowd was seen at the tea shops where publich sitting in front of bonfire were trying to get rid of cold winds.

According to meteorologists, due to the cold-front coming from Jammu and Kashmir, it is raining in various districts of Purvanchal including Varanasi. Due to this, the temperature is also dropping and the humidity is increasing.

“Weather patterns are expected to remain the same for the next two days. By 12 noon, the maximum temperature was 19 degrees Celsius, the lowest was 15 degrees Celsius. Humidity was recorded at 95 percent and winds at 16 km per hour. Earlier on Thursday, the maximum temperature was 22 degrees and the minimum was 16 degrees Celsius,” informed met officials.

Due to the change in the weather, people stayed in the houses in the morning. People resorted to hot clothes to avoid the cold. During the morning rains on the Ganges Ghats, the boats in the Ganges river also reduced.

The homeless people, including the poor, rickshaw pullers had to face a lot of trouble due to not of burning of bonfire in public places. Workers and rickshaw drivers were seen engaged in the task of avoiding the cold by burning bonfire everywhere. With the increasing cold, the passengers traveling in buses on the roadways were also seen worried.

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