Pakistan planning conspiracy to attack India, satellite photos surfaced

Satellite images of three ports of Pakistan namely Karachi , Oramara and Gwadar have been completely evacuated.

Islamabad, Aug 10 : Tensions between India and Pakistan have increased since the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir . It is reported that after the removal the Pakistani Army is plotting a dangerous conspiracy.

According to intelligence input, the Pakistani army is also getting full support of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in this conspiracy . The kind of movement that is happening in Pakistan right now, it seems as if Pakistan is either preparing for war or is very scared of India and is engaged in its defense.

The pictures that open-source intelligence (OSINT) has sent from the satellite can certainly raise India’s concern. Looking at the three pictures from the satellite, it seems that the same operation is being carried out in three ports of Pakistan. Pakistan’s three major naval ports – Karachi, Oramara and Gwadar – have been completely evacuated.

It is clearly visible in these photos that the Jinnah naval base at Ormara is now completely empty. At the same time, the inset Gwadar port on the right side has also been completely evacuated, while the inset on the left is seen standing three ships of the naval dock in Karachi. 

These pictures stand out in this satellite picture being taken for the last three months.

Even more worrying is that the Noor Khan Pakistan Air Force Base Camp of Chakala in Rawalpindi has also been completely evacuated. Looking at these pictures shows that the picture which is visible on the left side shows that the movement in Pakistan about Kashmir had intensified, while the picture next to it can be seen how all have something in common.

According to the Tunnel Intelligence, it is reported that Pakistan is engaged in constructing a strategic tunnel in Mansehra of PoK with the help of China. With this, Pakistan is using a pressure sensor near the line of control. The Pakistani army is resorting to terrorists to make peace in India and they are also giving 12.7 MM heavy machine guns to the terrorists. This dangerous steel bullet has been imported from China to Pakistan by a Chinese company. With this, Pakistan is helping the terrorists infiltration using robotic weapons on the LoC.

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