Pakistan badly needs India for Anti-rabies and anti-venom vaccine supply

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Islamabad/New Delhi, July 26 : Pakistan is totally dependent on India for the vaccine like anti-rabies and anti-venom . This matter has been reported by a daily newspaper, The Nation of Pakistan. These types of medicines are totally  imported from India .

It has also been said in the report that the National Health Institute of Pakistan (NIH) is unable to manufacture these vaccines according to demand. It has been reported that in the last 16 months, anti-Rabies and anti-venum  vaccine worth 2.56 million rupees in Pakistan have been imported from India. 

It has also been said in the report that Senator Rehman Malik had asked the question about the quantity of the drugs imported from India and the capacity of the government departments to make anti-Rabies and anti-venom vaccine.

The National Health Service (NHS) ministry told that NIH manufacture antibiotic and anti-Rabies drugs for the treatment of dog bite, while a private company also produces venomous drugs at local level.  It was also stated in the answer that both of these manufactures did not have the capability to supply these in the country according to the demand of these medicines, so these vaccines are imported from India on a regular basis.