Over 1000 academics, intellectuals and researchers from across the country in support of CAA

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New Delhi, December 21: A group of academics, intellectuals and researchers, including senior columnist and writer Swapnadas Gupta, senior journalist Kanchan Gupta, Nalanda University vice-chancellor Sunaina Singh on Saturday supported the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), saying the act is a long-standing opportunity to provide asylum and citizenship to religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to meets their demands.

These academics say that it is very sad that an atmosphere of fear is being created in the country, due to which there is a possibility of violence in many parts of the country. We appeal to every section of the society to exercise restraint and not fall into the trap of communalism and anarchism.

 In a statement issued by academics, intellectuals and researchers, it has been said that since the failure of the Liaquat-Nehru Agreement of 1950, various leaders and political parties such as Congress, CPI-M, etc. have sought refuge from ideological thinking. Most religious minorities coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are from Dalit castes.

The statement said that they congratulate the Indian Parliament and the government for standing up for minority rights keeping in mind India’s civilizational ethos.

The statement said that the government has heard the concerns of the northeastern states and is being addressed appropriately. We believe that the CAA is in perfect harmony with the secular constitution of India as it does not preclude any religious denomination of any country in obtaining citizenship of India, nor does it in any way changes citizenship criteria in India.

Among these more than a thousand academics, scientists and researchers are Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. Professor, AIIMS, IIMS and IITs from dozens of colleges and universities in India and abroad have received support

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