Out of nine bank unions, only two stage protest against ‘merger of banks’ today

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New Delhi, October 22: Some bank organizations have eluded  from the 24-hour strike called by the All India Bank Employees Union and the Indian Bank Employees’ Federation on Tuesday to protest the Centre’s decision to merge ten banks. Customers have felt relieved by the opening of some banks, including SBI.

The Organization of Bank Workers and National Organization of Officers affiliated to the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and the associated bank organization have said that they are not involved in this strike. There are a total of nine unions in the banking sector. Some other banks, including SBI, claim that this strike will not have much impact on customers.

Some banks have alerted their customers. SBI had earlier said that its bank employees have very few members from the employees’ unions involved in this strike. Therefore, the impact of this strike will be limited. Bank of Maharashtra has also said that this strike will not be very effective.

Bank of Baroda had said that in view of the strike, it is taking necessary steps to keep the functioning of its branches normal. It is noteworthy that out of the nine unions of the entire banks, only two have called for a strike.