Now enjoy water metro service in Ayodhya

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Ayodhya, 23 February: Devotees and pilgrims visiting to Ayodhya will now be able to enjoy Water Metro Service in the holy Saryu river. 

To further enrich tourism in Ayodhya and to promote water tourism, the Yogi government has operated water metro from Sant Tulsidas Ghat to Guptar Ghat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the water metro in Ayodhya during his visit to Varanasi on Friday.

Technical Assistant B Gupta said that from Sant Tulsi Ghat on the banks of Saryu, the water metro equipped with modern facilities will travel a distance of about 14 kilometers to Guptar Ghat. In which about 50 passengers will be able to enjoy water swimming simultaneously. This water metro will be operated keeping the environment in mind. The water metro being run in Ayodhya has 50 seats, which has been installed on both the banks. These seats made of fiber have been fixed firmly, so that there is no possibility of any kind of accident. This water metro built in Cochin Shipyard will look like a cruise over the Saryu River. The metro is completely air conditioned. 

He informed that the Inland Waterways Authority of India, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways have established jetties on the banks of Saryu at both the points from Sant Tulsidas Ghat to Guptar Ghat, where regular points have been made for charging of water metro and from here the passengers can board the water metro. Will board the water metro.

The specialty of Water Metro is 50 seater MV (Motor Vehicle) boat i.e. the name of Water Metro is Cata Meran Vessel Boat. This water metro boat has been made completely air conditioned, in which a display has also been installed for the information of the passengers. The boat pilot’s cabin has been made separate in front of the passengers’ cabin. This water metro boat is capable of traveling for one hour by being charged with electricity at a time. During this time it will complete a journey of 14 kilometers from one station to another i.e. from Sant Tulsi Ghat in Ayodhya to Guptar Ghat. Life-saving jackets and other equipment are also kept in this boat for any emergency.

Technical Assistant B Gupta said that it will be handed over to the state government by the Union Waterways Ministry in the next few days. After this, it will be operated by the state government. The cost of this water metro and the electric catamaran boat given by the authority in Varanasi and Ayodhya is Rs 36 crore.