No Outsider in Bengal: Mamata questions Election Commission decision to conduct polls in 8 phases

Kolkata, 26 February: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has questioned the Election Commission’s decision to hold elections in eight phases in the state.

Mamta Banerjee held a press conference here soon after the Election Commission announced the election dates for five states including West Bengal on Friday.

She said that the Election Commission welcomed the announcement of election dates in the state. He said that voting is being done in one, two and three phases in other states, so why is voting in eight phases in West Bengal.

In a gesture, she accused the Election Commission of being under pressure from Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said that Home Minister should not misuse the power.

She claimed that deliberately voting was being conducted in eight phases in West Bengal so that Hindu-Muslim divide could be done here.

Mamta said further that the BJP wants to win elections using muscle power and money power, hence voting is being done in eight phases in West Bengal.

Referring to the number of assembly seats in other states, Mamta said that the number of polling stations is relatively less in Bengal but polling is being held in the highest phase. This is definitely part of the plot and will be uncovered.

She once again claimed the return of her government in West Bengal, saying that no matter how much the BJP tries and abuses power, her government is not going to form in West Bengal.

Banerjee said that elections are being held in Bengal in eight phases at the behest of the BJP.

Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of interfering as well, Banerjee said that elections are being held in eight phases at the behest of the PM.

She said that the conspiracy against Bengal will be kept in the custody. No outsider will be able to rule Bengal.

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