New Delhi, May 23: After the State Bank, the Punjab National Bank (PNB) has also issued clear guidelines for exchanging ₹2,000 notes. The bank has said in the instructions issued on Tuesday that no document is required to exchange or deposit the note. Actually, the process of changing two thousand rupee notes has started across the country.

PNB has issued these instructions after an old form seeking additional personal information for the exchange of ₹2,000 notes went viral on social media. In an instruction issued to all branches, the bank has said that an Aadhaar card or Official Verified Document (OVD) is not required for depositing and exchanging ₹2,000 notes. Along with this, the bank has said that there is no need to fill out any form for this.

Earlier, the State Bank of India (SBI) had also issued a guideline for exchanging ₹2,000 notes. According to SBI, there is no need to show any identity card (ID) to exchange notes. No form will have to be filled out for this. 10 notes can be changed at a time.

In fact, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced to withdraw ₹2000 notes from circulation only last week. RBI had said that till September 30, customer can get currency notes of ₹2000 changed in banks or deposited in their accounts.

According to RBI, even after the deadline of 30 September, the note of ₹2000 will remain legal tender.