Nirbhaya’s convicts will be hanged at 5.30 am on March 20

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New Delhi, March 05: Patiala House court of Delhi has issued a new death warrant against the four convicts of Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case. Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana has ordered the four convicts to be hanged at 5:30 am on March 20.

Lawyer ML Sharma started the debate and said that the matter will be heard in the Supreme Court at 3 pm. The court then said that when the trial starts in the Supreme Court, the proceedings of the case will end here. The court asked ML Sharma where is the power of attorney, while ML Sharma said that the power of attorney is being filed.

Meanwhile, the judge told the counsel for the convicts AP Singh that if you have anything to say, then we will issue the order. AP Singh said that he wants to meet the convicts on February 7 and ask Pawan whether he wants to file a petition in the Supreme Court against the President’s decision. On this, the court allowed AP Singh to meet the convict that he can meet Pawan and Akshay as per rules.

During the hearing, the lawyer of Tihar Jail said that at 8.45 am today, we sent the notice of the court to ML Sharma via mail. To this, Sharma said that he did not turn on the net in the morning. The government lawyer said that all the legal options of the culprits have been exhausted, so a new death warrant should be issued for hanging.

On the other hand, convicted Mukesh’s lawyer Ravi Kazi said he does not want to say anything because all the legal options for Mukesh have been exhausted.

The court asked the government lawyer what is the status of the second mercy petition filed before the President. On this the government lawyer said that it is not in his knowledge.

Then AP Singh said that we have receiving. Copy has been received in jail on February 25.

The court said that the jail superintendent should tell the convict what happened to his plea. The jail administration said that we have not received the mercy petition filed by Akshay again. AP Singh objected to this and said that he has a signature over a copy.

The Delhi government had said in its plea that the President has rejected the mercy petition of convict Pawan Gupta and no plea of ​​any convict is pending now. All the convicts have tried all their legal options. Therefore, the court should now issue a new death warrant against the four convicts.

On March 2, the Patiala court had stayed the execution of Nirbhaya’s accused on March 3 due to Pawan Gupta’s mercy petition was pending with the President. The Supreme Court dismissed the curative petition of Pawan Gupta on March 2, soon after which on March 2, a mercy petition was filed by Pawan Gupta with the President.

Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana of the Patiala House Court issued a death warrant against the convicts of Nirbhaya on February 17 last year for hanging at 3 am on March 3. Another convict, Pawan Gupta, filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court on February 28 seeking commutation of the death sentence to life imprisonment, which was rejected by the Supreme Court.

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