MLA Anand Shukla organises ‘Jan Chupal’ in his constituency

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Chitrakoot, 01 October: Mau-Manikpur Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Anand Shukla is resolving the problems of the people in village by organising ‘Jan Chaupal’ ( open public space in rural areas).

MLA Anand Shukla on Friday set up ‘Chaupal’ at Majra Murkata, Amarpur, Unchadihkhas of Manikpur, Majra Sigwan of Kotakandila, Patrakarpuram, Majra Tikuri of Churehkesarua, Kekramar and listened to the problems of the people, also got them resolved on the spot.

Meanwhile, villagers told about non-receipt of pension, housing, Samman Nidhi Yojna.

By identifying the deprived families, the MLA assured to solve the problem.

While giving full time among the public, MLA Shukla is busy in providing benefits of government schemes to the underprivileged. He has launched a campaign to give lease to poor families deprived of residential land in the assembly constituency. He has given residential leases to two hundred and fifty underprivileged families in Elha Badaiya, Amchurnerua and Kekramar of the area