Before 2017, there was no money to pay salaries, today that state is building expressways: CM Yogi

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Lucknow, 01 October: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the state which did not have money to pay salaries in 2017, today that state is building expressways. Gorakhpur Link Expressway, Purvanchal Expressway and Bundelkhand Expressway are being built. It is being done peacefully. Farmers are not being shot. Remember, farmers were fired upon in the Bhatta Parsaul. Asia’s biggest airport is coming up. There was some disturbance. I talked to the farmers myself. The farmers of Noida came to Lucknow and gave land. Today the world’s largest company is building Asia’s largest Jewar airport.

He said these things while addressing the concluding session of the State Working Committee meeting of Yuva Morcha. The program was organized at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan on Friday.

The Chief Minister told the youth that this energy of all of you is the energy of India and the energy of the state. Be a participant in the development of the country. You should feel proud.

The largest state by population is Uttar Pradesh. This region is called the heart of the country. Ganga, the holiest river of the earth, covers the maximum distance in Uttar Pradesh. Baba Vishwanath’s Dham, Vindhyachal Dham, Ram Nagari, Krishna Dham are in Uttar Pradesh. Despite all this, why was Uttar Pradesh facing an identity crisis five years ago?

Chief Minister Yogi said that Mahatma Buddha said that there is sorrow. We have to accept this. After that it can be resolved. Today I feel that the youth of UP will have to stand up on his own. Energetic youth has the courage to change the fate of the state. Today, wherever the youth of UP go in the country, he is seen with respect. Some parties had spoiled the situation in UP. These circumstances have not come suddenly.

The Chief Minister also raised the issue of migration of West Uttar Pradesh. Yogi said that this is the same Uttar Pradesh where a large number of people were migrating from western Uttar Pradesh. Today, the situation has come 50 years ago. The population of the majority there 50 years ago has become the same again. People have started coming back. Now they can’t do that. It has been possible in this government.

Yogi said that Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the second economy of the country within just four and a half years. Central government schemes have been implemented on the ground. No one wanted to invest in erstwhile Uttar Pradesh. Entrepreneur invests only where his capital is safe. We changed the policy. Uttar Pradesh has moved from 14th to second place in the Ease of Doing Business. โ€œThe per capita income of UP has almost doubled. In the next six years, UP is to become the number one economy of the country,โ€ Yogi added.

Before 2017, UP used to be at the bottom but today, UP is at number one among 40 schemes of the Centre. 42 lakh houses have been given under PM housing schemes. It is clear that the lives of two crore people have improved. One crore 56 lakhs were given gas connections; people were given free electricity connections. Food grains are being distributed to 15 crore people.

The CM said that SP-BSP got a lot of time to run the state government. He considered the family a party. Those who have got accommodation now could have got it earlier also. These people are not BJP workers, they are ordinary citizens. Everyone is getting housing under Modi government. In Purvanchal from July to November, one and a half to two thousand children died due to encephalitis. What were SP, BSP and Congress doing? Uttar Pradesh has done the best management during the Covid period.

It used to be in earlier governments that we would not be able to celebrate Holi and can’t celebrate Diwali. Kawaria will not be able to take out the yatra. Even if you remove the number, you will not be able to play the bell. Red carpets were laid out for special classes of festivals.

After becoming the Chief Minister of UP, when the officials said to me that Kawaryia would not be able to take out the yatra. When asked the reason, they said that there will be a riot. I said that I am sitting. 24 crore people have left the responsibility of security of the state on me. I’ll handle.

The Chief Minister said that all the parties will stake their claim in the coming elections. You have a lot to tell. Estimate the one-term tenure of SP-BSP and BJP. Tell the people that this government has given more jobs than the last two governments. As much as both the governments have not done for the youth, more has happened in the current government alone. Every youth of Uttar Pradesh has to join together.