MHA extends Covid-19 guidelines till January, urges alertness over new UK variant of virus

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New Delhi, 28 December: The Union Home Ministry on Monday has issued instructions to continue the guidelines related to corona surveillance till January next year.

The Ministry has advised avoiding any negligence in spite of the decreasing cases of corona in the country. It states that corona cases are increasing globally and more vigilance is needed after the new Corona strain (deteriorated form) is exposed in the UK.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said today, โ€œThere has been a steady decline in active and new Covid-19 cases. However monitoring, control and caution need to be maintained keeping in mind the rise in cases globally and the emergence of a new variant of the virus in the UK. “

The Ministry also pointed out that the States and Union Territories (UTs) should strictly follow the guidelines issued on November 25. Careful demarcation of ‘Containment Zone’, strict adherence to prescribed preventive measures within the zone. Promote Corona-related fair practice, enforce it strictly and continue to conduct various permitted activities under the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).