Lockdown: Making two ends meet is prime concern for these women of Fazullaganj in Lucknow

Lucknow, March 29: Amid lockdown across the country, women of labourers and workers are feeling more trouble and are concerned as they do not have enough money to buy essential food items to feed their households.

The general poverty and lack of income for many women could hinder food and nutrition security during the lockdown, particularly for those whose partners have lost work.

Fazullaganj area in Lucknow is home to a large number of daily wage workers, labourers, painters and artisans.

The women of the labourers and daily wagers living in Fazullaganj area told that if their husbands will not work or will sit idle at house then how they will feed their children and others.

One woman informed that her man used to work in Lucknow and adjoining areas of the city only. He does not like to migrate to any other districts or states because he thinks that he will get away from his family.

Rachna Singh, resident of area told that her husband is bringing vegetables and essential commodities till he has money but since the day money is over, we can survive for few days but our children cannot sleep hungry. Everyone in my family is upset and concerned with the lockdown.

Renu Devi, another resident of Fazullaganj and wife of a labour said that if we do not work, what will we eat? Men also work as laborers in our house. Women also work as labour. When we will not have money left, then from where and how will we buy the materials?

Jyoti Yadav said that the problem is umpteen and we are unable to understand how to handle it just by sitting home. Similarly, like other men, my husband is also a daily wager. He works as painter.  

Explaining her pain she is facing due to lockdown, Priya Awasthi one of the residents of area apprised that her children are home right now and they get hungry quickly, so we have to make arrangements for food, water eat andmilk for them if my man will not go out to work for livelihood then what we and our children will eat. Due to lockdown, my husband is sitting home and my concerned is how many more days he will sit like that and how will I feed my children.

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