Lockdown Day 9: Amid lockdown timely remittance of over 14000 NER employees of Lucknow division

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Lucknow, April 02: Amid lockdown across the country, the North Eastern Railway (NER) administration has credited the salary of about 14725 employees of Lucknow division to their account on time so that their everyday needs can be met.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of NER, Monika Agnihotri said on Thursday that the salaries of 14725 employees of Lucknow division of Northeast Railway have been sent to their account on time. About Rs 58.77 crore has been deposited to the accounts of these employees.

 Apart from this, the final settlement amount (FnF) and provident fund have been deposited in the account of 41 retired employees of North Eastern Railway without visiting to office due to 21-day enforcement of lockdown. An expenditure of about Rs 5.66 crore has been incurred on this. All types of payments to employees have been reported through WhatsApp.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (SDCM) Jagatosh Shukla said that 58 employees of Northern Railway have retired, due to the 21-day lockdown, there was no fairwell event held in Lucknow division office.

He informed that pension payment orders (PPOs) have been sent to almost all the employees electronically. Information about this has been sent to retired employees by mobile.