Lockdown Day 11: ‘Khadi Mask’ will be brand of Uttar Pradesh, says CM Yogi

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Chief Minister Yogi has ordered to manufacture 66 crore triple layer special masks of ‘Khadi’ for 23 crore people of Uttar Pradesh.

Everyone will get two masks.

Wearing mask will be mandatory after the lockdown ends under the Epidemic Act.

Lucknow, April 04: Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh will make 66 crore triple layer special masks made of โ€˜Khadiโ€™ for 23 crore people of the state to prevent from the coronavirus infection.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken this decision at the team-11 meeting on Saturday at his government residence at Kalidas Marg.

CM Yogi said that this indigenous mask of triple layer of Khadi will be the brand of UP. Adding further, Yogi said that this mask will be free to the poor, and it will be very cheap for the rest. This mask can be a reused and washable. Every citizen of this state will get two masks.

Chief Minister Yogi has also said that when the lockdown orders end, then everyone will have to wear a mask under the Epidemic Act. Exiting the house without a mask will not be allowed at all.

It is worth mentioning that Chief Minister Yogi had assured in a video conference with Prime Minister Modi on April 02 that emphasis would be laid on production of sanitizer and mask in UP. During this time, the officers present with CM were also instructed to compile details of old age homes and other shelter places in the state.

He also directed his officials to strengthen the system of availability of ventilators, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), triple layer masks in the state and said that manufacturing of masks and sanitizers will be encouraged in the state itself. Along with this, through SGPGI, arrangements will be made for training of AYUSH doctors, Anganwadi workers, Asha Bahu, retired health workers.

On Saturday, Chief Minister Yogi has ordered manufacturing of 66 crore triple layer special mask made of โ€˜khadiโ€™ in a meeting with โ€˜Team 11โ€™.