Lockdown 5.O Day 4: Rs 1,301.84 crore transferred to the account of 86.71 lakh pension beneficiaries in UP

Lucknow, June 4: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday transferred additional relief of Rs 1000 per beneficiary under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana’ (PMGKY) also, one installment of June pension in the accounts of various pension beneficiaries by the state government.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the number of beneficiaries of old age pension by the Social Welfare Department, Department of Disability Welfare Department and Women and Child Development Department in the state today is 49, 87,054.

“An amount of 1,301.84 crore is being made available to all the beneficiaries together with 86,071,781 beneficiaries including 26,06,213 destitute women pension holders, 10,67,786 disabled public pension holders and 10,728 leprosy pension holders,” Yogi informed.

He said that Rs 1,500 are being sent to the bank accounts of old age pension holders, Rs 1,500 to the accounts of destitute women pension holders, similarly, Rs 1,500 to the accounts of differently abled pension holders and Rs 2,500 to the accounts of leprosy pension holders simultaneously.

The Chief Minister further added that when the entire world is grappling with the global pandemic Coronavirus, then under those circumstances, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has showered care and affection for the poor, farmers and youth. Ration was arranged for all, and funds were also made available through bank accounts, hence, it is the outcome of what we are getting help in providing facilities to every poor today.

He said that ration is being provided to 18 crore poor families. Since last June 1, we are providing food grains to the poor for the sixth time. Around 80 crore poor people all over the country have got the benefit of free ration.

“Similarly, we provided two-month pension simultaneously to these four types of pensioners in the month of April. Their number is 86, 71,781. They were allowed to give an amount of 1,000 under the PM package for three months, in addition to the pension. Today, arrangements are being made to give this amount directly to their account.

He said that using technology, we are sending money directly to the bank accounts of the poor. Earlier the poor were exploited a lot, but the Prime Minister has liberated the poor from exploitation. Now no person will be able to exploit the poor.

The Chief Minister said that preventing the Corona infection is the biggest challenge for us at this time. It is important not to rush and be alert. Especially elderly, sick, vulnerable people, pregnant women or children do not leave home unnecessarily. If you have to come out, then definitely wear mask and take other necessary precautions.

He said that Rs 500 was given twice to the accounts of 3.56 crore Jan Dhan account holders. So far an amount of Rs 2,000 has also been sent to the account of 2.4 crore farmers in the state. More than 1.54 crore who are the beneficiaries of our Ujjwala scheme, free LPG cylinders have been made available to them. All these schemes continue to operate.

The Chief Minister said that large scale work is being done in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), about 41 lakh people are working under MGNREGA each day.

“State government has provided maintenance allowance and free food grains of Rs 1,000 to our 33 lakh people through which construction workers, street vendors and vegetable sellers have been benefited.

He said that more than 30 lakh migrants have come to the state. Apart from ration cards, action is being taken to provide immediate amount of Rs 1,000 in the form of ration card and maintenance allowance.

The Chief Minister today congratulated all the beneficiaries of the benefit of the scheme through Direct Bank Transfer (DBT).

He said that the prompt work done by the concerned departmental, ministers and officials is universally appreciated. Everyone should be aware about corona infection and keep others aware too.

Chief Minister talked to beneficiaries, said there will be no problem

On this occasion, Chief Minister Yogi also interacted with several beneficiaries through video conferencing and asked them about the facilities being provided by the government.

The Chief Minister asked Nitin of Meerut, whether ration and pension is being received on time? At the same time, he asked a Divyaang (Differently Abled) that got a bicycle? On this, the beneficiaries gave their answer ‘Yes’.

However, the Chief Minister assured all the beneficiaries that no one will be allowed to suffer.

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