Lockdown 5.O Day 3: Coronavirus-19 fatality rate has to be kept low in the state, instructs Yogi Adityanath

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Lucknow, June 03: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the fight against Corona requires vigilance and pro-activeness at all levels. Better coordination is of particular importance in preventing the spread of corona and keeping the number of infected people to a minimum. The death rate from the coronavirus infection has to be kept low in the state.

Pay special attention to Agra, Meerut, Kanpur, Aligarh, Moradabad and Firozabad

Yogi directed his officials to pay special attention to the treatment arrangements of medical colleges in Agra, Meerut, Kanpur, Aligarh, Moradabad and Firozabad.

The Chief Minister was reviewing unlock 1 system at a high level meeting held at Lok Bhavan here on Wednesday.

He said that the corona can be effectively controlled only by strengthening the medical screening and Monitoring Committees.

In view of this, he directed to keep Monitoring Committees active and to conduct medical screening work intensively.

The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction with the provision of immediate ration to the new ration card holders.

Earlier, after the formation of new ration cards, such card holders were able to get food grains after about two months. The Chief Minister has given instructions to provide food grains to all needy people to ensure that there is no starvation in the state.

CM has instructed that smooth distribution of food grains should be ensured. It should be verified that deficit measurement of food grains or any other irregularity does not occur in any case. In this regard, a technology-based action plan should be prepared and implemented within a week.

He has directed to make food ration cards of new applicants and also provide food grains to them.

Supply of essential goods should be continued in the risk areas

The Chief Minister directed that the patrolling work should be continued by the police. Intensive patrolling should be done in highways, markets and parks. It should be ensured that crowds do not gather anywhere by following the physical distance completely.

He also instructed to operate the supply system of house-to-house essential commodities in the risk zone.

Community kitchens provide quality and nutritious food to the needy

He said that proper arrangements for cleanliness and safety should be made in the Quarantine Centres and Community Kitchen. Quality and nutritious food should be made available to the needy through community kitchens.

Yogi further directed that the special secretary level officers nominated by the government for the cooperation of the district magistrates to make their report available after regular inspection of the quarantine canters and community kitchen.

Provide a regular operation report

The Chief Minister directed that the Additional Director of the Health Department and the Nodal Officer of Joint Director level posted in the districts should make inspection of Covid hospitals and non-Covid hospitals mandatory. These officers should provide regular reports of emergency services of hospitals and necessary operation proceedings.

He said that it should be ensured that the victim gets immediate benefit of emergency service in the hospital.

Proper management should be done for disposal of biomedical waste

The Chief Minister directed that there should be adequate availability of medical safety items like PPE kits, N-95 masks, three-layer masks, gloves, sanitizers etc. in all hospitals. Proper arrangements should be made for smooth availability of oxygen in hospitals and disposal of biomedical waste. Special care should be taken for cleanliness. It should be ensured that doctors and nursing staff take regular rounds in hospitals.

Truenat Beta Test machines for Covid-19 can be started within a week

Taking cognizance of the availability of Truenat Beta Test (TBT) machines for all 75 districts, the Chief Minister directed to send them to the districts immediately.

He said that it should be ensured that TBT machines start functioning within a week. Corona’s testing capacity should be increased soon to 15 thousand tests per day. All ventilators should be kept functional in every district. All measures should be taken to protect all the security personnel and medical team including the police force from infection.

He also directed to ensure the establishment of testing labs in all districts.

Maintain dialogue with investors for investment growth

The Chief Minister directed the Commissioner of Infrastructure and Industrial Development to maintain constant communication with investors for investment growth in the state.

He said that farmers should be given full benefit of MSP while ensuring smooth operation of wheat procurement centres.