Lockdown 3.O Day 13: Petition in Delhi HC for bringing back 56 pregnant nurses from Middle East

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New Delhi, May 16: A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking to issue guidelines to bring back 56 pregnant nurses trapped in the Middle East.

However, the High Court will hear this petition on Monday (May 18).

The petition has been filed by the United Nurses Association (UNA).

The petition has demanded that action should be taken on priority basis to bring back 56 pregnant nurses. 55 out of 56 nurses are stuck in Saudi Arabia, while one nurse is trapped in Kuwait. The condition of these nurses is quite poor and they are at risk of coronavirus infection.

The petition states that these pregnant nurses need immediate medical attention and psychological help. Most nurses are going through their third trimester gestation (Lasts until birth). No priority was given to bringing pregnant nurses to the first phase of the Vande Bharat Mission.

As per the guidelines of the airlines companies, they do not allow any pregnant woman to travel after her 36-week fetus. In this way, if delayed, these pregnant nurses will be stuck in the Middle East, the petition says.

The petition states that these nurses are living alone in Saudi Arabia. They have no one to care for them. They are also not getting medical facility. Therefore, guidelines should be issued to bring them back to India by special chartered flight.