Lockdown 2.O Day 12: PM Modi signals at lockdown extension in red zones after May 3, asks CMs to draw exit policy

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New Delhi, April 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic will remain for many months to come and it is the responsibility of the Central and state governments to focus on reactivating the economy along with fighting this pandemic.

On Monday, the Prime Minister, while communicating with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing, said that measures such as wearing masks on the face and maintaining two yards of each other should become part of daily life.

He said that till now there has been two lockdowns in the country and its results have been good. These measures have made possible to save the lives of thousands of people during the last one and a half months.

He said that India’s population is equal to the combined population of many countries of the world. At the beginning of the month of March, India and many other countries of the world had similar situation, but due to steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were taken timely, large number of people were able to save their lives.

The Prime Minister cautioned that the risk of coronavirus infection has not reduced yet and there is a need to be constantly aware about it. According to experts, the coronavirus will show its effect for several months to come.

The Prime Minister’s interaction with the Chief Ministers was held a few days before the second lockdown (May 3).

Modi and the Chief Ministers discussed how and to what extent it should be removed after the completion of the lockdown period after May 3.

Modi urged the state governments to ensure full compliance with the restrictive guidelines in the red zone areas most affected by the pandemic. Efforts should be made to convert red zone (more affected) areas into orange zone (partially affected) and later green zone (safer).

Appreciating the participation of people from different sections of the society in the fight against the global pandemic, Modi said that the common man is coming forward to report symptoms like cough and cold about his/ her health.

He said that universities and research institutes should do new research to counter the highly contagious disease.

The Prime Minister also urged to pay attention to the diseases occurring in the summer season and thereafter.

Regarding bringing home to Indians stranded abroad, the Prime Minister said that care should be taken that they do not face any kind of problem. Also, there should not be any health related problem for their family members.

According to an official release, the Chief Ministers appreciated the Prime Minister’s leadership in this hour of crisis.

He said that the State Governments have made every effort to control the pandemic at their level. The Chief Ministers emphasized to keep a close watch on international borders.

The Chief Ministers also advised that the health facilities in the country should be expanded.

Modi thanked the medical personnel and police forces for their huge contribution in combating the pandemic.

This was the fourth meeting of the Prime Minister with the Chief Ministers of the states. Earlier, he had communicated on March 20,  April 2 and April 11.