Kushinagar: PM Modi’s official delegation to stay in 17 hotels in Kushinagar

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Kushinagar, October 17: The district administration has reserved 328 rooms in 17 hotels here for the stay of the official delegations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is coming to inaugurate the Kushinagar International Airport on October 20.

Officials related to tourism, culture, civil aviation and security have started arriving. On Sunday, Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv Bansal, Culture Secretary Amita Prasad Sarabhai reached Kushinagar. NSG commands have also arrived.

The administration is also allotting rooms in order of seniority. Three star hotels have been reserved for SPG and NSG commandos, including officers of the rank of Additional Director General of Police under the security of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, SSP, SPs deployed in security including high officials of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Culture and Archaeology, Air Force, Ministry of External Affairs will stay in three star hotels.

Officers below this level will stay in star free hotels. In this regard, Joint Magistrate Purna Bora told that arrangements are being made for the stay of the officers as per the protocol.

Heritage Zone will be converted into High Security Zone

On October 20, the heritage zone will be converted into a high security zone. No one will be allowed to burst into the zone without permission and pass. In the premises of the Mahaparinirvana temple located in this zone, the Prime Minister will visit the Buddha’s sleeping statue and inaugurate the Buddhist Conclave.