9 lakh ‘diyas’ will be lit in Ayodhya on Deepotsav: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow, October 17: On this Diwali, 9 lakh earthen lamps will be lit on ‘Deepotsav’ to be held in Ayodhya on the happiness of home entry of 9 lakh families provided unde the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Awas Yojana.

These ‘diyas’ have been made by the Prajapati Samaj of Ayodhya itself. Along with this, one earthen lamp will also be lit in 42 lakh houses given by the government in urban and rural areas.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said this while addressing the social representative convention of BJP Backward Classes on Sunday.

He advised public that the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh should be worshipped made by the artisans attached to their soil. We all have to join this campaign.

The Chief Minister said that the state was thrown into the fire of riots when it was time to earn during festivals and festivals. Due to this the state went backward. The trade of clay artisans was ruined. Today, the government is giving a voice to the voices of the downtrodden, working to take them forward. There is happiness on the faces of the people associated with this industry through Matikala Board.

The CM said that earlier earthen utensils made by the people of Prajapati community were not sold but after our government came to power in 2017, banned the deadly plastic. Matikala Board was formed to give recognition to the artisans associated with the clay. Free electric chalk was distributed to the artisans for making utensils. With this, the artisan who used to make 70 utensils earlier is preparing 400 utensils.

“Their business was promoted through exhibitions organized by the Matikala Board. The scheme of the government became the basis of self-reliance for the Prajapati community and the artisans associated with the soil. Not only one community but the whole society is connected with Matikala Board. This is the life cycle. It is also linked to the economy. Prajapati Samaj has worked to improve the economy with faith by connecting with its soil,” Yogi added.

Yogi Adityanath said that the idols of Lakshmi Ganesh made in China used to dominate the Indian market on Diwali. He said that China is an atheist country which is not able to give the right shape to the idols of God. It earns only through idols. After the formation of Matikala Board, now attractive idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh are being made in the state too.

The CM said that Prajapati Samaj is making attractive diyas and utensils after getting training through Matikala Board. They have presented their creativity to the society. New design lamps have been brought in the market.

The Chief Minister said that since 2017 the pottery business was on the verge of ending. In 2017, when Deepotsav was organized in Ayodhya, 50,000 earthen lamps were not available at that time. This time 9 lakh diyas prepared by Prajapati community in Ayodhya will be lit in Ayodhya.

Yogi stated that work has been done to make artisans self-reliant through Mati Kala Board. 40 thousand craftsmen were given 5261 electric chalks. In the previous governments, the artisans could not get soil from the ponds. The governments had sold the ponds. Our government has given free earthen pattas to 35,000 artisans. Artisans are given free soil from April to June. Along with this, 3 thousand artisans have been taught designing through modern technology. Artisans are also being assisted through margin money.

Modi government gave constitutional recognition to the Backward Classes Commission

The Chief Minister said that the Backward Classes Commission has got constitutional recognition because of PM Modi and the Union Cabinet. This has increased their recognition. Now any order given by the commission is a judicial order. This was possible only under the BJP government.

The CM said that in 2015-2016, poor children did not get scholarships. After coming to our government, 30 lakh 63 thousand students have been given scholarships worth 627 crore 49 lakhs in Purva Dasam. 64 hostels have been built for poor students and 38 hostels for girls. The government is doing the work of giving grants for the marriage of poor girls.

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