ISI and Lashkar-e-Toiba wanted Kasab to die as ‘Hindu terrorist’, reveals by ex Mumbai Police Commissioner in his book

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There was a deep conspiracy to promote the Mumbai terror attack as ‘Hindu terrorism’

New Delhi, October 18: The terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba had conspired to promote the Mumbai terror attack as ‘Hindu terrorism’ and named the captured alive terrorist Kasab as Sameer Dinesh Chaudhary.

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has made this sensational revelation in his recently published book โ€œLet Me Say It Nowโ€. Lashkar-e-Toiba had given identity cards in Hindu names to all 10 terrorists involved in the 26 November 2008 attack in Mumbai.

Kasab, who was caught alive in the attack, was named Sameer Dinesh Chaudhary and his residence was in Bangalore. Red religious thread (kalava) was tied in the wrist of his right hand to prove the attacker to be a Hindu.

According to Maria, the conspiracy was that when all the terrorists were killed, it could be propagated through the media that it was a Hindu terrorist attack.

As per Maria, if Kasab was not caught alive, then there would have been a talk of a Hindu terrorist attack on Mumbai. Television channel journalists went to Bangalore to interview family and neighbors of ‘Sameer Chaudhary’ but the plot was not successful and Ajmal Amir Kasab of Faridkot district of Pakistan was caught alive.

The former police commissioner praised Mumbai Police constable Tukaram Omble and said he played an important role in capturing Kasab alive after losing his life. Maria also questioned the role of central government agencies in the entire episode. He said that photographs of terrorists who had tied โ€˜Kalavaโ€™  in their hands were released by the central agencies in the media while the Mumbai police was avoiding giving confidential information about the attack.

 He also revealed that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba had conspired to kill Kasab in jail. Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim was tasked to kill Kasab. Protecting Kasab in jail was a big challenge for the Mumbai Police.

It is noteworthy that after this terrorist attack during the tenure of Manmohan Singh government, Congress leader Digvijay Singh had pointed fingers at the RSS for the attack. Digvijay Singh and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt participated in the release ceremony of a book ’26/11 RSS Conspiracy’. An Urdu journalist in his book blamed the Hindu organization for the Mumbai attack. The then Home Minister P Chidambaram also spoke of ‘Hindu terrorism’ inside and outside Parliament.