Is Country heading towards ‘Community Transmission’ as 44 new cases have been reported in about 10 hours?

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New Delhi, March 25: Covid-19 or novel corona pandemic has confirmed the third death in Maharashtra. With this, 10 people have died due to Corona’s havoc in the country so far.

Like this, COVID-19 cases in the country have increased from 562 to 606. That is, in about 10 hours, 44 new cases have been reported. 43 of these patients are of foreign nationals.

However, 43 patients of COVID-19 have been recovered.

On the other hand, in both the states of Maharashtra and Kerala, the number of COVID-19 patients has crossed 100.

The number of corona patients in Kerala has reached 101. In Maharashtra, the figure has reached 125, whereas the number of COVID-19 patients in Maharashtra was 98 in the morning.

According to the Ministry of Health, now 25 states and union territories of the country have confirmed corona virus patients.

The number of Corona patients in states is mentioned below,

Andhra Pradesh- 9, Bihar-4, Chhattisgarh-1, Delhi-30, Gujarat-37, Haryana-14, Himachal Pradesh-3, Karnataka-41, Kerala-101, Madhya Pradesh-14, Maharashtra-125, Manipur-1, Mizoram – 1, Odisha-2, Puducherry-1, Punjab-29, Rajasthan-34, Tamil Nadu-16, Telangana-25, Chandigadh-7, Jammu and Kashmir-7, Ladakh-13, 36 in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand-3, West Bengal-9 case has been confirmed.

That is 563 cases have been reported in the country. Along with this, there are 43 foreign people in the country who are infected with Chinese virus.