In 4.5 years, UP creates a new record of bridge construction

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Lucknow, 22 September: By constructing a record number of bridges in four and a half years, the Yogi government has laid a strong foundation for progress in the state. The state government is preparing to gift 1193 new flyovers and The Road Over Bridge (ROBs) to the people of the state in the coming time.

State government spokesperson said that in the last four and a half years, the state government has expressed its intentions by constructing 124 bridges, 54 ROBs and 355 minor bridges in record time. The state government is going to make the traffic easier in the state. Roads and flyovers are considered to be the measure of development and progress of a state. UP has drawn a strong foundation for future development.

The state government is working expeditiously on the construction of a total of 1193 new bridges including 121 new ROBs, 305 major bridges and 767 minor bridges. Out of these, 260 bridges are such that the foundation stone was laid years ago in the previous governments but the construction work could not start. Preparations are underway to complete many projects in the next few days.

Meanwhile, with the new bridge network, the UP will join the states with the largest number of flyovers and smooth traffic in the country.   

Out of the 124 long bridges that have been built, 89 are such bridges which were lying incomplete for many years under the previous governments. Out of 54 ROBs created by the state government, 35 were lying incomplete for a long time in the previous governments. The Public Works Department and the State Bridge Corporation have left the previous governments miles behind in the construction of bridges and ROBs. By setting up the largest network of bridges, the state government has opened a huge road for employment along with development in the state.

According to Principal Secretary Public Works Department (PWD) Nitin Ramesh Gokaran, we are building bridges and ROBs at a fast pace. The plans are being completed as soon as possible.