IIT Kanpur’s ‘Vibhram’ to strengthen country’s borders

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Ambuj Tripathi


‘Vibhram’ drone helicopter has also been successful in strengthening the air borders; the army fleet will soon be included.

Professor of Aerospace Department of IIT invented after hard work.

Kanpur, 04 February: The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has made another invention during Corona era. A drone helicopter named ‘Vibhram’ has been built by the IIT which can fly in the air for several hours to monitor every nefarious movement of enemies on the country’s borders. In the coming time, it can also be used by the army.

Kanpur IIT has always been a topic of discussion in the country and abroad for its inventions. Here students studying from the professor keep increasing the value of the country by inventing something over time. In this series, Professor Abhishek of Aerospace Department at IIT Kanpur has prepared an advance drone helicopter named ‘Vibhram’ with his team.

In a special conversation with, Professor Abhishek said that the development of this drone has been underway for the last one year. After which it could be prepared.

He told that its final form will be ready in a month. The special thing of this helicopter is that once the petrol is filled, it can be run for 100 kilometers, so that it can fly for four hours in one place in the sky.

The professor apprised that it has been named ‘Vibhram’ because it can roam the sky for a long time. Presently, the main objective of making this helicopter is surveillance and traffic control along the borders of the country as well as terrorist activities.

Professor Abhishek said that its proposal has been sent by the IIT to the government, soon after getting approval from there, it is expected to be included in the army fleet.

Hallmark feature

Although there are many UABs in the market, this drone helicopter has many more features that make it different from others. It is built in a petrol model, which makes it different from other helicopters. This helicopter may have three liters of petrol, after which it can go 50 km and return to the same place. The biggest thing is that the small helicopter is capable of carrying five kilos of weight in the sky with its weight.

Will be able to monitor the country’s borders

If we talk about the best feature of ‘Vibhram’, then because of being small, this helicopter does not fall in the radar range soon. Through which it can also monitor the borders of the country with good vision cameras. This helicopter flying above 11 thousand feet can be of great use for the common people in this corona period.

Army can use it in hilly areas

This helicopter can be used extensively in hilly areas. In places where there are no roads and vehicles are also difficult to reach, it can carry up to five kg of goods, including medicine, bullets and gunpowder to meet the enemies. At the same time, if there is a fire in an area, then its information can quickly reach the right place, so that it can be controlled.