I bow before every Indians, salute soldiers who carried out surgical strike: PM Modi

New Delhi, Sep 28 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on being returned to India after nearly a week long tour to United States of America on Saturday evening at Palam Technical Airport [PTA] addressed a public gathering at the airport where thousands of people includng Bhartiya Janata Party [BJP] workers gathered to welcome Modi.

Modi on viewing the gathering of large number of people outside the airport said, “I want to thank you all for coming in large numbers. This has been a memorable welcome. On this occasion, I bow to each and every Indian”.  

In his address, Modi thanked the crowd which had come to see Modi who retunred from his successful trip to United Nations where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly and attended several events, including extravagnza “Howdy, Modi!” diaspora gathering.

While addressing the crowd, Modi said that today the world see the India differently from 2014.

“It was 2014 , when I assumed the PM office and went to the UN, again I assumed the office in 2019, things have changed drastically for India in these five years. Respect for India and Indians has increased significantly. It could be possible just because of 130 crore Indians” Modi said.

PM salutes soldiers who carried out surgical strikes, says they showcased India’s strength.

PM also talked about the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event which took place in Houston, in the state of Texas.

PM said that the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston was huge and the presence of President Donald Trump was very special.

“Republicans and Democrats were also present during the event but what stands out is the manner in which the Indian community in USA , in Texas and in Houston showcased their presence” Narendra Modi said.  

Before levaing for Delhi, Modi thanked the people of USA for exceptional welcome, warmth and hospitality.

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