Gonda: Muslim man chops off his sister’s head over alleged affair, arrested

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Lucknow, 3 November: A chilling incident of honour killing has surfaced in a village in Gonda district.

As per the details, a brother brutally murdered his sister by slitting her throat on Wednesday night. The incident took place at Katra Bazar village.

The mother caught her daughter in a compromising position with her lover in the house. She informed her son Kaleem about it. Getting this information, Kaleem flew into rage and reached home at night. After committing macabre murder, he sped on his motorcycle to police station with severed head of his sister in a bag to show evidence.

The police immediately arrested Kaleem and then reached the spot. However, the police refused that youth came with severed head to the police station.

Taslima, a resident of Damodarpur in Narayanpur Kala village, said that on Wednesday afternoon she was out of her house for some work. That time her daughter was alone in the house.

“When I came back home, the door was locked from inside. On repeated knocking when the door was opened, I caught a youth of the village with her daughter in an objectionable position. When I tried to catch the youth, he ran away,”she said.

Taslima said that her son Kaleem had gone to Sonapar. When he came back home late in the evening, Taslima told police that she went to bed after dinner. When she woke up on hearing unusual sound in the house at night, she found her daughter Sajrunnisha?s severed head. Kaleem killed her daughter by slitting her throat. Keeping the severed head in the bag, he went to the police station on a motorcycle.

Inspector-in-Charge Chitwan Kumar said that a murder case has been registered against Kaleem and he has been arrested. Deputy Superintendent of Police Colonelganj Munna Upadhyay said that the head of the victim was found at the spot. A sickle (banka) was used in the murder. An investigation is on to ascertain that how many more are involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, police personnel have been deployed in the village to avert any untoward incident.