Free jab drive in UP: At least 1k people to be vaccinated in districts with less population

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Lucknow, 27 May: In the fight against coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, a plan for the free inoculation drive to be held from June 01 has been prepared.

For the vaccination to be conducted from the city to the villages, every district with less population will be vaccinated at least 01 thousand people every day. This information was given by a spokesperson of the state government on Thursday.

He said that on the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Department of Health and Family Welfare has issued a Government Order (GO) regarding free vaccination campaign.

It was informed that Covid Vaccination Centres (CVCs) will be set up at one to two additional work sites in large districts with more population. Vaccination will be given priority to frontline workers in various government functions.

The spokesman said that the CVC will be organized daily in every district at four work sites for the age group of 18 to 44 for vaccination to be held from June 01. In this, two sessions will be set up for the court at the district level, for officers and media representatives in the information and public relations department office and for the government work place.

He informed that vaccination will also be done in nationalized bank personnel, transport workers, railways and other state offices by changing the location of CVC at the work place as per requirement.

β€œIn addition, government and council teachers will be given preference at a government work site. Apart from this, two guardian special CVCs will be set up daily in every district, in which parents of children below 12 years of age will be vaccinated,” he added.

CMO will be given the list first, then vaccination will be done

He said that after the information department or media personnel are vaccinated, it will be converted into a work place of government employees and government officials, employees will be vaccinated. List of daily vaccines at the district level from the District Judge’s office in the Courts, the list of media personnel from the District Information Officer, the list of teachers from the DIOS or BSA and the list of other government personnel from the DM’s office from the former to the Chief Medical Officer Will go and get vaccinated accordingly. All these work sites will also have slots in the CVC for people aged 45 and above.

Parents of children below 12 years will have to give certificate

He said that two guardian special CVCs would be installed every day in every district, in which the parents of children below 12 years of age would be vaccinated. For this, they have to provide proof of their child’s age below 12 years (Aadhar card, birth certificate or any other) at the time of registration and vaccination. In larger districts with more population, an additional parent special CVC will be imposed.

Focus on cities and villages as well

The spokesman said that CVCs would be set up in three urban areas daily in every district. Additional urban special CVC will be imposed in larger districts with more population as per requirement. A CVC will be installed daily in every district for vaccination near the urban area. Two CVCs will be set up for rural areas every day in every such district. Additional CVCs will be established as per requirement in larger districts with more population.