Earlier there were 10000 women, now 30000 women in UP police: CM Yogi

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Gorakhpur, October 13: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Wednesday that till the year 2017, out of three lakh service personnel in Uttar Pradesh police, only 10 thousand women policemen had got the opportunity to work, but under the BJP government, their number was increased in this area. Now over 30 thousand women are in police jobs.

He said that the government has strengthened the goal of Mission Shakti by giving opportunities to 30,000 women and girls in just four years and ensuring the participation of women in security as well. โ€œThe government has taken concrete steps to entrust the task of guaranteeing security to every sister and daughter. What can be a unique example of women empowerment than this,โ€ Yogi said.

He said that the college which we are involved in the inauguration and the unveiling of the statue in Jungle Kauria today is also going to promote women’s education.

He said that Gorakshpeeth had established the first women’s college in the year 1956. Then, the land was donated to Gorakhpur University. The first Inter College for girls was also established in the 1950s itself, on the basis of Gorakhpur University.

The CM also gave a lesson to the students to attend the library. He said that it is important for the students to know about the major events happening in the country and the world along with their traditional curriculum. It will prove useful in different competition.

The CM said that an ITI is being constructed in Campierganj, Gorakhpur. The construction of two Inter Colleges in Campierganj has been completed. Polytechnic is under construction in Sahjanwa. With the construction of a sugar mill at Pipraich, the facilities of sugarcane farmers have increased.

Stadium to be built for indoor games

The CM said that this area of โ€‹โ€‹Jungle Kauria was considered to be the field of wrestlers, there was a lot of wrestling. There were akhadas in every village. Now in modernity people are forgetting it. But remember, India’s wrestlers were winning gold medals in Tokyo Olympics right now. At that time the government announcement was made that these wrestlers would be given money. On gold medals in Olympics, the state government gives Rs 06 crore to the wrestler who earns a gold medal, four crores to a silver medalist and two crores to a wrestler who earns a bronze medal. This amount is given to motivate the player to pursue further. Work is also going on to build a state-of-the-art wrestling hall, auditorium hall.

He said that Gorakhpur is going to get a better stadium for indoor games. It will happen very soon.

AIIMS will be inaugurated next month

The CM said that Gorakhpur is becoming a hub of education and health. With the efforts of the Prime Minister, Gorakhpur got AIIMS in the year 2016. The work of AIIMS has been completed. Within the next month, Gorakhpur AIIMS will be inaugurated with the lotus feet of the Prime Minister. Now the people of Purvanchal will get world class health facility only in Gorakhpur.