DM Ballia becomes potter, appeals to burn earthen lamps instead of ‘Jhalar’

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DM residence-cum-office will be illuminated with earthen lamps.

Ballia, 30 October: Shrihari Pratap Shahi, District Magistrate (DM) of Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh has taken a unique initiative to emphasize the Prime Minister Modi’s appeal for ‘Local for Vocal’.

He has decided that on this Diwali only earthen lamps will be lit in the camp office and collectorate at his residence. Not only this, the DM also became a potter for some time and he also made clay lamps with chalk.

The DM has also appealed to the residents to burn only the earthen lamps in place of ‘Jhalar’ etc. on Deepawali.

The District Magistrate ordered enough earthen lamps by visiting to the potter himself in Harpur village of Bansdiharode area in the last few days for ‘diyas’ to be lit in his camp office and collectorate.

During this time he himself tried his hand at pottery art. Listened to the fundamental problems of the potters and assured them to take special initiative for their welfare.

In his appeal, the District Magistrate has said that to maintain the real importance of pottery art and Deepawali with the environment, all of us must do so.

“The need of the hour and environment is also the same at present. Anyway, this is the traditional way for all of us to celebrate Diwali. With this, the glow of Deepawali will remain intact and one’s livelihood will also be maintained and the environment balance will also be fine,” Shahi added.

He said that it is believed that burning an earthen lamp increases the valour and might and brings happiness and prosperity in the family. But, it is unfortunate that now the trend of people went towards the ‘Jhalras’. As a result of this, a crisis started on the pottery art and in its place various kinds of harmful things came into our society.

Shahi quoted further that by saving this art, we can become the means of livelihood of thousands of people. Therefore, everyone should take a pledge that only light lamps should be burnt on Deepawali.