Covid vaccine to be given on Jnauary 16 at 852 centers in Uttar Pradesh

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Ayodhya, 11 January: Uttar Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Minister Jai Pratap reached the district hospital on Monday to see the dry run (rehearsal) of the Covid vaccine.

He Inaugurated the Teen Shed Waiting Room built in the hospital.

He said that there was a dry run on 1500 centers across the state on Monday; however, all facts were seen.

After the inauguration of Covid vaccination drive by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the entire country including Uttar Pradesh on January 16, the vaccination of Corona will begin.

In the first phase, the front line workers will get vaccinated. On this day, 852 centers in Uttar Pradesh where vaccination drives will be carried out against coronavirus pandemic.

On the other hand, Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh expressed his displeasure at the inclusion of the name of a deceased nurse, a retired nurse and a contract-terminated doctor in the list of beneficiaries applying the corona vaccine.

The Chief Medical Officer ordered an inquiry on this negligence and directed action on negligent employee.