Covid-19 vaccine completely safe and effective, confirms MoHFW, releases booklet to dispel doubts related to vaccination

Lucknow, 05 January: The Yogi government is rapidly completing preparations to provide vaccines to combat corona infection. For this, dry run i.e. rehearsal was also done on Tuesday by the Health Department in the districts.

However, people are feeling a little relieved about vaccination. But, there are still many questions about vaccination in the minds of most. In this direction, the Ministry of Family Welfare has released a booklet answering the important questions related to vaccination and also dispelled the doubts and misconceptions related to vaccination.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has informed that high-risk groups have been identified for priority vaccination. They are divided into three groups – the first group includes healthcare and frontline workers, the second group consists of persons over 50 years of age and who are already suffering from a disease. After this the vaccine will be made available to other common people.

Like other countries, the vaccine is also effective in India

The Corona vaccine in India will be as effective as the vaccine developed by other countries at various stages of vaccine testing to ensure its safety and efficacy. The vaccine will be administered by regulatory bodies only after approval based on examination of data on safety and effectiveness.

Registration will be done first for Covid Vaccination

The eligible beneficiaries will have to first register for the Covid vaccination. Health services will be informed about vaccination and its scheduled time through their registered mobile number. It will be mandatory to show the identity card with photo for registration.

Photo identity card will have to be given for registration

Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID and PAN Card

Passport, Job Card, Pension Document, MNREGA Card

Health Insurance Smart Card issued by Ministry of Health

Official certificate issued to MPs, MLAs, MLC

Bank, Passbook issued by Post Office

Service ID cards issued by Central, State Government or Public Limited Companies

Registration and documents are important for these reasons

A person cannot obtain a corona vaccine without registration. Session venue and time information will be given only after registration for corona vaccination. Photo ID is required for both registration and verification, to ensure that the intended person is vaccinated.

After online registration, the beneficiary will receive SMS on mobile about the due date, location and time of vaccination. On receiving the appropriate dose of Corona vaccine, a QR code based certificate will also be sent to the beneficiary on their mobile number.

These precautions will also have to be followed

After taking Corona Vaccine, one should rest in the Vaccination Center for at least half an hour, if any discomfort or uneasiness is felt later, inform the nearest health authorities, ANM and ASHA workers. Follow corona protocols such as wearing a mask, cleaning hands and maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet.

Important for diabetes and high blood pressure sufferer

If a person is taking medicines for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer etc., then he or she can also take corona vaccine. Individuals with one or more of these health conditions are considered a high-risk category. Covid-19 infected also requires vaccination.

Second dose to be taken within 28 days

The corona vaccine is to be given only after the person’s consent. However, the corona vaccine is also necessary to protect itself and limit the spread of the disease. Also, to complete the full dose of the vaccine, a person has been advised to take another dose within 28 days.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also clarified that a protective level of antibodies usually develops two weeks after receiving a second dose of the corona vaccine.

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