COVID-19: UP engineers send proposal to make Sangh Bhawan an isolation ward for COVID-19 patients

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Lucknow, March 28: Officials of the Diploma Engineers Union (DEU) of the Public Works Department (PWD) have sent a proposal to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Rajendra Tiwari on Saturday to make the Sangh Bhawan an isolation ward.

According to the members of the DEU that the proposal that their headquarter Sangh Bhawan should be used in the fight against novel corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

โ€œThe building has four dormitories, five AC rooms, halls and lanes. Union office has adequate beds for COVID-19 patients. In the service, we will also provide free electricity, water and furniture,โ€ informed an officer.

He said that seeing the grim situation of coronavirus in the country, there is a need to construct more isolation wards. In this situation, after discussion with union members, preparations have been made to donate the Diploma Engineers’ Union’s headquarters known as Sangh Bhawan in front of gate no. 1 of Raj Bhavan. It is important to consider the proposal sent in view of todayโ€™s need. At the same time, this well-maintained building is also at the centre of the city.