Covid-19: Unlock 1 sees sudden spike in coronavirus cases in Haryana

Chandigarh, June 12: The spread of coronavirus infection was under control till countrywide lockdown-4 in Haryana, but soon after the introduction of unlock-1, the number of infected cases jumped by four thousand in just 11 days.

The ever increasing cases remain a challenge before the government. Covid-19 has been knocked at every end of NCR to North and Southern Haryana. So far, the death toll has reached to 64 in the state.

At the same time, the speed of the coronavirus infection in Unlock 1 has tripled which signals the alarming bell.

Not only this, the health department has failed to find the travel history of the infected people in Unlock 1 resulting in unabated people are coming to villages, increasing the risk of virus infection.

On Friday, the number of positive cases was 181 taking the total cases to 6149, while 11 patients have been recovered and returned to their homes taking the total number of cured cases to 2271in the state.

However, it is a matter of great concern that the condition of 48 patients of coronavirus remains critical, out of which 33 are breathing with oxygen and 15 are surviving on ventilator.

The maximum number of new infected cases were reported from 9 districts, they are- 78 in Gurugram, 38 in Faridabad, 28 in Ambala, 16 in Palwal, 10 in Kaithal, 4 in Sirsa, 3-3 in Jhajjar and Hisar and 01 in Charkhi-Dadri.

However, those patients who were undergoing the treatment have been cured. Their numbers are- 09 in Bhiwani and 1-1 patients in Sirsa and Ambala.

According to the Health Department report, the number of suspects has reached 165230 in the state, however, out of which 153264 reports came negative while the reports of 5817 suspects are awaited.

Although, the positive rate in the state has also reached to 3.86 percent. The recovery rate is 36.93 percent, while the doubling of cases has reached to 8 days, informed health department.  

As per health department data, the number of testing for every 10 lakh has also reached to 6429. The death toll from virus infection has risen to 1.04 percent due to 64 deaths.

Increased coronavirus infection in Haryana

The first case of corona in Haryana came on March 17. After this, it took 65 days to reach 1 thousand cases. On May 21, the figure had reached 1 thousand. Just 11 days later on May 31, there were 2 thousand infected patients in the state.

After this, on June 4, 3 thousand positive cases were reported in just 5 days. On June 4, the number of patients increased to 4 thousand in four days. On June 9, a total of 5 thousand found to be infected with lethal virus in just 3 days. Now again in four days, on June 12, the total number of infected patients has crossed 6 thousand in the state.

This is the situation of infected people in the state

At present, the total number of infected cases has reached to 6149 including 21 people returned from USA, 14 Italy citizens and 133 Jamaatis in the state.

So far, 2815 coronavirus cases are from Gurugram, 967 in Faridabad, 502 in Sonipat, 257 in Rohtak, 1168 in Palwal, 119 in Jhajjar, 152 in Ambala, 125 in Karnal, 113 in Narnaul, 104 in Nuh, 109 in Hisar, 87 in Panipat, 86  in Bhiwani, 68 in Jind, 73 in Rewari, 66 in Sirsa, 62 in Kurukshetra, 58 in Fatehabad, 56 in Kaithal, 47 in Panchkula, 46 in Charkhi-Dadri and 36 in Yamunanagar.

At the same time the figure of those who have been recovered from the infection, including 14 Italian citizens has reached to 2271.

These include 860 in Gurugram, 306 in Faridabad, 218 in Sonipat, 99 in Jhajjar, 84 in Rohtak, 84 in Nuh, 60 in Panipat, 57 in Palwal, 57 in Ambala, 56 in Hisar, 47 in Karnal, 74 in Narnaul, Panchkula. And 26-26 in Jind, 34 in Kurukshetra, 44 in Bhiwani, 421 in Sirsa, 28 in Kaithal, 12 in Rewari, 9 in Yamunanagar, 23 in Fatehabad and 7 patients in Charkhi-Dadri.

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