Covid-19 impact: Carpet industry in Bhadohi suffers loss of Rs 3000 crore due to pandemic

Production and exports completely stalled, ship companies increased freight several times.

Bhadohi, June 12: Bhadohi’s carpet industry, which is the largest hand-knotted carpet weaving industry hub in South Asia, has suffered heavy losses due to outbreak of corona infection and worldwide lockdown.

If the exporters are to be believed, during the three months at the national level, about three thousand crores of carpets have been dumped in the warehouses because their exports have not been done. The carpet industry has to pay a heavy price in the lockdown. The manufacture of handmade carpet is at a complete standstill. Because of which the condition of the carpet industry is deplorable. India meets 80 percent of the world’s carpet demand.

Handmade carpets manufactured in India meet eighty percent demand worldwide whereas America consumes 60 to 80 percent of the goods. But America and Europe are in a state of total devastation because of the spread of coronavirus infection. Bhadohi’s carpet is the very much in demand in US.

Apart from this, England, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and other countries are also included in the list of demands.

But the market has been affected badly due to the lockdown. Export orders which are already in the queue are not being fulfilled. Work is down due to corona.  

In Purvanchal, carpet weaving has come to a standstill in many districts like Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Sonbhadra, Varanasi, Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Ballia, Mau, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh. However, carpet weaving also occurs in western UP along with Agra, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur and in many districts. But weaving has stopped in lockdown which has had an impact on carpet industry.

Vinay Cooper, vice-chairman of the UP Export Promotion Council, informed that the carpet industry has suffered heavy losses due to the lockdown.

He told that during these three months, carpets of Rs three thousand crores have been laying, its export has not been done. If Rs three thousand carpets were exported, then the carpet industry would have been paid that much money, but this has not been possible due to Covid-19.

He informed that carpet exports Rs ten to twelve thousand crores to foreign countries in which the UP Export Promotion Council exports Rs one million crores carpet. Though, the situation will be normal with time, but there is a problem right now. There has been talk of Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani to facilitate the industry.

Chief Minister Yogi has also asked for the proposal because the UP government has included Bhadohi’s carpet industry in One District One Product (ODOP).

Aslam Bhai, a manufacturer and exporter associated with Bhadohi’s carpet industry, said that the carpet industry has suffered massive losses due to worldwide lockdown in wake of coronavirus outbreak. Although it would be difficult to say how much damage has been done, but the exports have been badly affected because the entire world is upset with corona. 80 per cent of the carpet is exported to US from India and the condition of US is not hidden from anyone. Carpet stores are closing there. Aircraft and courier companies have increased freight several times. Importers are now placing bets.

“Not only this, now have they started saying that you will not demand money for 180 days after export. Workers and weavers are not getting paid. Handmade carpet production has come to a standstill for three months. The condition of the global market is poor. Its effect is widespread. America’s retail markets are closing. Keep the goods in the warehouse somehow,” apprised Aslam Bhai.

Aslam Bhai told further that import orders are being cancelled. Production is stalled due to ongoing Covid lockdown. The government should assist the industry in this crisis. How to deal with the Corona crisis should be consulted with industry and exporters

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