Country’s new Air Defense Command to be formed soon with its HQ in Prayagraj

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Government intensified the process of restructuring the armed forces.

The first new joint command of the three armies will be formed in Prayagraj (UP).

Looking at the threat of Pak-China, the three forces need to unite.

New Delhi, 27 August: The process of restructuring the armed forces has been speeded up amidst the deadlock over the border dispute with China.

The Department of Military Affairs (Department of Military Affairs) has decided to constitute a new Air Defense Command (ADC).

However, it was announced in January this year after the country’s first Chief of Military Forces (CDS) General Bipin Rawat took office. Under this, a new Air Defense Command can be set up in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh by October. After its formation, this air defense command will be operated by the Air Defense of the entire country.

This Air Defense Command is proposed to be set up with the Indian Air Force’s Central Command Headquarter, which controls important airbases including Agra, Gwalior and Bareilly.

It aims to combine the resources of the three armies under one command and activate it for the protection of the country’s airspace.

Air Marshal Vice Marshal HS Arora had done a study in this regard and recommended the formation of a new Air Defense Command (ADC) by combining the three forces. Under this, work has been intensified to prepare the command structure under the direction of the Air Force officer.

On October 8 this year, the announcement of the formation of Air Defense Command in Prayagraj can be done around Air Force Day. It will be headed by General (Air Marshal) of the Indian Air Force.

After becoming the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) in January this year, General Bipin Rawat made the first decision to prepare an Air Defense Command to increase India’s strength in the air.

Along with giving instructions to prepare the proposal, he had set a deadline of 30 June to prepare the blueprint of the Air Defense Command.

Also, he had also decided to implement all the initiatives by December 31 for mutual cooperation and coordination between the three armies.

It is true that in view of the threat of Pakistan and China, the three forces need to be integrated. That is why General Bipin Rawat announced in January that the new Air Defense Command would be the first new joint command for integration between the three services.

After the establishment of the ADC, the country’s airspace will be protected from hostile aircraft, missiles, helicopters and drones in an integrated manner.

After the creation of this command, the air defense of the country will be strengthened by combining the power of the three armies. India has so far only two unified commands.

Apart from this, there are 17 single service commands of which seven each are in Indian Army and Air Force and 3 are in Navy. The Naval Andaman-Nicobar Command (ANC) was formed in 2001 along the maritime border with China.

The command is the first and the only one in the country to operate with a land, sea and air force under the same operational commander. The Strategic Force Command came into existence in January 2003 to handle the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Simultaneously, CDS is also working on creating a combined maritime command. It will be made either in Kochi in Kerala or Karwar in Karnataka.