Community kitchens to feed poor start again in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Kanpur

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Lucknow, 07 May: In the challenging phase of the global pandemic novel coronavirus, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has again taken a new initiative to run community eateries (community kitchens) all over Uttar Pradesh.

Due to this initiative of the government, the poor are going to get free food during partial curfew in the state. Such community kitchen services are beginning in Lucknow, Prayagraj and Kanpur. In other districts also, its operation is being done at a rapid pace.

A spokesperson of the state government said that the Yogi government has been stressing on the need of operating community eateries in the state from the beginning. The Chief Minister has instructed that no person be hungry and sleep hungry during the partial corona curfew. No labourer, cart, street vendor, daily wage labourer should have any problem of food anywhere. After this order, the work of operating the community kitchen has been started.

β€œThe government is constantly taking necessary steps to break the chain of corona infection. In this episode, the responsibility of running community kitchens from the level of Agriculture Production Commissioner (APC) is being handled. Meals are being made in industrial units as per the requirement. Necessary instructions have been issued to the officials to ensure that no person is disturbed due to lack of food,” he added.

Provision of community kitchen in Covid hospitals too

The spokesman said that community kitchens are also being arranged by the state government in Covid hospitals being set up in various districts for the serious patients of Corona. The government aims to provide timely treatment to the sick patients and provide food to their timers. Nobody should have any problem anywhere due to lack of food.

Free food being served in the quarantine centres of rural areas

He said that in the fight against Corona, the emphasis of the government is more on cities as well as rural areas. In such a situation, instructions have been given to make proper arrangements for food, drinking water, sanitation and security in the quarantine centres set up in rural areas. In this order, officers are engaged in arranging food and drinking water to the people here by setting up kitchens in quarantine centres.

Volunteers and social organizations and businessmen also came forward

The spokesman said that traders, social and voluntary organizations of the state have also come forward in the initiative of the government to provide free food to the poor. In many hospitals of Lucknow, free meals are being provided to the attendants of the patients admitted on their behalf. Workers, carts, street vendors, daily wage labourers have started feeding them on their stomachs when they reach their places of work.  

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