CM Yogi flags off MBSY, 4050 Covid-orphaned children receive quarterly allowance of Rs 12-12k

Lucknow, July 22: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given great support to the children deprived of the shadow of their parents. The CM has said that as long as there is a government in the state, no child can be an orphan. It is the responsibility of the government to provide proper upbringing, maintenance, education and security to every child deprived of the love of parents and this work will be done with full responsibility. Not only this, “Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana” has been started for the children whose parents have died due to corona, so now a new scheme is also being prepared for the children who are destitute due to non-covid reasons.

While assuring the children, CM Yogi has said that the government will provide all necessary resources to fulfill their dreams.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in the presence of Governor Anandiben Patel, was formally launching the announced “Uttar Pradesh Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojna” on Thursday for the management of education and upbringing of orphaned children in the horrors of Corona.

On this occasion Rs 12,000 for the first quarter was digitally transferred to the bank accounts of 4,050 destitute children at the hands of the Governor. So under the scheme, tablets / laptops were provided to the eligible children.

In the program organized in Lok Bhavan auditorium, CM Yogi said that in the last 16-17 months, not only the state but the whole world is facing the corona epidemic. It is our good fortune that during this biggest pandemic of the century, we got the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India is able to face this menace successfully, despite this many people have lost their loved ones.

Expressing condolences for each and every death caused by Kovid, the Chief Minister said that the condition of even the biggest forces in this epidemic was bad. The health infrastructure of a power like America was also of no use. But under the leadership of the Prime Minister, every section tried together, due to which India’s position is better relative to other countries.

240 children lifted the shadow of one from the heads of 3,810 lost parents.

Referring to the relief efforts made by the Central and State Governments between the first and second wave of Covid-19, the Chief Minister also shared the plight of the children destitute due to Kovid.

He said that the “Uttar Pradesh Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojna” came into existence after Prime Minister Modi had conveyed to all the states the need for policy efforts for the future of these children.

The CM said that since March 2020, 240 such children have been identified in the state-wide survey, who have lost their parents (both) or legal guardian, while there are 3,810 such children, whose mother, father or legal guardian has Covid. died because of The government has taken the responsibility of these children.

“At present, these 4,050 children are being given a lump sum amount of Rs 4000 as monthly maintenance for three months. Not only this, arrangements have also been made for such children below the age of 18 years who have no guardian or family. Children studying in schools will be given tablets or laptops, then for the marriage of girls, an amount of 1, 01,000 will be given by the state government,” Yogi added.

CM caresses by giving bags, stationery, tablets

In the program, Governor Anandiben Patel and CM Yogi provided bags, stationery, chocolate boxes and tablets to eligible children including Yuvraj Gupta, Anushka Awasthi, Mo. Ateeq, Unnati, Devina Sahu, Yashika, Jaskirat Singh from different districts. Did. When he asked all the children about their well being, then by turning his hand on his head, he also gave caress.

The governor narrated her story, said, the people came forward for the orphan children

Governor Anandiben Patel as the chief guest in the program thanked the Chief Minister for implementing the scheme for the orphan children first in the country.

Also, she said that this effort of the government is like holding the finger of children. The central government has called it exemplary for other states.

The Governor also called for widespread public participation to realize the dreams of orphan children.

Describing her efforts, she told that once she along with her daughter and son-in-law went to visit Dwarkadhish temple and on the way saw a five-year-old child working at a canteen. When asked the people, it came to know that a few days ago someone had left.

The governor and her daughter adopted the child, raised as a member of the family, and today the child is one of the top 10 football players in the state of Gujarat.

She told the need for public participation in social work apart from the tendency to give responsibility to the government for every work. Anandiben told the capable people the need to adopt children, give them family affection and make arrangements for their education. He spoke about the dowry malpractice prevalent in Patel society in Gujarat.

Governor Anandiben said that arrangements are being made in universities for better education and initiation of destitute children amidst the fear of Covid. Not only will they get free education here, but they will also get affection and career guidance as a member of the family.

There is no orphan, CM Yogi is the guardian of every child: Swati Singh

Swati Singh, Minister (Independent Charge) of the Department of Women and Child Development expressed her condolences to the people who died due to Covid. Also, reiterated the commitment of the government for the upkeep of orphan children. Departmental Minister Swati Singh said that not a single child in the state is an orphan. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is his patron. The government will make all necessary arrangements for the bright future of all. He said that this scheme prepared under the guidance of CM Yogi is going to make systematic arrangements for the maintenance and education of all the orphan children.

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