Chief Minister Yogi congratulates Indians on ‘Constitution Day’

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Lucknow, 26 November: “ The people of India are the foundation of the country’s democracy. Along with being the builder of the republic of India, Indians are also its base pillar. Every Indian gives strength to our democracy. Every Indian also makes it powerful by discharging his or her obligations. Nation building is a major campaign. Every Indian has an important role in this. If Uttar Pradesh can contribute significantly in this, we will be committed to this. Take a pledge to perform the basic duties to build a powerful India” Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things while congratulating the people on the occasion of Constitution Day.

Yogi Adityanath said that every citizen can commit himself to nation building. For this purpose, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the day of adoption of the Constitution as Constitution Day. This year India is celebrating 70th anniversary. In the Constitution of India, where extensive authority has been conferred to the citizens  on the other side Article 51 also provides guidance towards duties of the citizens.

He said that apart from striving for the unity and integrity of the country, it is necessary to present the country to the world as one India , the best India. For this, we also have to concentrate on performing our duties.

He said that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is organizing a series of different programs on the Constitution Day which  will last till April 14  2020, which is the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. Through this, awareness of basic duties will be brought among the people.

Article 51A of the Constitution has given 11 basic duties. It is also necessary to perform basic duties to make the country and the state a prominent place on the world stage. For this purpose, a special session of the state legislature has also been called on November 26.

On November 26, all government institutions, police stations, blocks, gram panchayats, municipal bodies, etc. will be administered oath of faith to the Constitution. In this series,  various programs will be presented on specific days. We are committed to safeguarding the spirit of unity, justice and equality in the diversity mentioned in our constitution.