Chanting of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ echoed in massive Saffron Rally in Lucknow

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Lucknow, February 09: Thousands of activists joined for the Bhagva(Saffron) rally of the Ekal Abhiyan Sangathan on at the LDA ground near the Sangam intersection in Aliganj on Sunday in Lucknow.

The activists associated with the Ekal Abhiyan held the flag, on which Om was inscribed, in their hands and joined the rally riding a motorcycle, car.

‘Parivartan Kumbh’ of the Ekal Abhiyan is to be held on February 16 in Lucknow. However,  this saffron rally was organized on the birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas.

On the birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas,  workers started gathering in the saffron rally of a Ekal Abhiyan at the LDA ground in the morning  , some people in the excitement, started shouting slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The rally proceeded with the echo of Jai Shri Ram’s slogan. As the rally progressed further, slowly-slowly group of workers started joining it at every intersections. In the saffron rally, people kept carrying the Om flag in their hands.

When the saffron rally reached Purnia intersection, the entire intersection was filled with workers. After this, due to further increase in the number of people on Kapurthala, there was no place to keep feet. Workers chanting Jai Shree Ram’s slogan on reaching Hanuman Setu were very excited.

At the same time, saffron colour was visible around Parivartan Chowk and there was tremendous enthusiasm among the workers. Various representatives of the Ekal Abhiyan, public representatives and social workers also joined the rally.

Saffron rally passing through Parivartan Chowk to Hazratganj, Burlington intersection, Charbagh railway station route, Mawiya, Alambagh, Awadh intersection, Lohia University has ended at Ramabai rally site. Workers from all corners of the city returned with the same vigor after the saffron rally ended.

Security beefed up at Clock Tower for the protection of Muslim women

Muslim women protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) at Clock tower near Rumi Gate in Lucknow surrounded by the police to provide security to them in the wake of the saffron rally on Sunday .

However, at the same time, even after the conclusion of the Delhi elections , the women have announced to run the sit-in against CAA indefinitely