Central Govt fixes ex-gratia aid of Rs 50000 to kin of Covid-19 victims

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New Delhi, 22 September: Compensation has been fixed for death due to coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued guidelines in this regard.

Today, the Central Government gave this information to the Supreme Court. The family will get a compensation of Rs 50,000 for every death caused by Corona. This money will be received from the disaster management fund of the states. A bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud will hear the matter tomorrow i.e. on September 23.

On September 13, the Supreme Court had expressed satisfaction over the government’s decision to record the death from Corona in the death certificate.

The court had said that if the corona victim commits suicide, the provision of not writing corona as the cause of death should be reconsidered. The Central Government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that the Ministry of Health and the ICMR have issued guidelines for the corona death certificate. It has been said in the guidelines that if the death occurs within 30 days of the report coming positive, then it will be considered as a death due to corona.

It has been said in the guidelines that if a corona patient dies due to poison, suicide, murder or any accident, then it will not be considered as death due to corona. It has been said in the affidavit that if a corona patient dies at home or hospital, then the cause of death will be written corona in Form-4 and 4A which will be issued under section 10 of the Registration of Birth and Death Act.

It has been said in the affidavit that the Registrar General of India will soon issue necessary guidelines to the Chief Registrars of all the states and union territories in this regard.

The court had said on June 30 that the families of those who died of corona should get financial help. However, the court had refrained from deciding how much this help should be.

The court had said that it is the statutory duty of the NDMA to fix the compensation. The court had directed the National Disaster Management Authority to issue guidelines as to how much amount should be given as compensation.

The Supreme Court had directed to issue guidelines to simplify the process of death certificate after the deaths from Corona.